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Insurance for pets exists. Here’s how you can get your dog one

Insurance for pets exists. Here’s how you can get your dog one

  • For a minimum annual fee of P2,800, you can have your beloved pet insured from sickness and injuries
seven dog puppies sitting on the floor

These days everyone seems to be getting an insurance plan—even pets, it turns out—and for good reason. If I remember my friendly insurance agent’s elevator pitch correctly, it is like a buffer to help you—well, buffer—costs of hospitalization due to illness or even an accident.

And yes, the same protection exists for your fur babies. Malayan Insurance Company Inc.’s Pet Care Insurance covers medical reimbursements of up to P300,000 (in aggregate), cruciate ligament injuries amounting to P10,000 (per leg), burial assistance (due to euthanasia) of P10,000, and even injuries due to the owner’s liability amounting to up to P300,000.

There are three plans to choose from starting at an annual fee of P2,800 with a maximum premium of P5,400 (tax inclusive).

For an additional fee, you can also opt to add an owner’s personal accident benefit that covers accidental death, total permanent disability, and disablement or dismemberment (up to P50,000 for each case). This will only cost Pet Care Insurance holders P15 to P25 on top of their annual premium.

To apply or check the benefits included in each plan, go to Malayan’s website. You will be asked to provide your personal information as well as that of your pet, including vaccination history, medical history, and treatment. As of writing, Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance only covers dogs. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.