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10 gifts that will impress *literally* anyone—even the ultra hard to please

10 gifts that will impress *literally* anyone—even the ultra hard to please

  • What do you get someone who has the most discerning taste and everything they could want? Probably something from this list

There’s always that one person (or multiple people) in your life that’s impossible to find the perfect gift for. They’re usually your dad, tita, tito, or your friend who has literally everything. Finding them the perfect present has become somewhat of a game. They assure you that whatever comes from the heart is the perfect gift, but we do not settle for mediocrity in this household!

If you’re really aiming to impress with your Christmas gift this season, here’s a list of heavy hitters that’ll please everyone—all the way to the ones with the most discerning (read: impossible) taste. 

YAS Supper Bundle from Bombvinos

We love our bread, we love our wine, and Bombvino’s Yas Supper Bundle is making it so we can have it all together. The folks from one of our favorite natty wine places have collaborated with small-batch bakery Goods from Scratched for the loaves and Hoom for some of the cutest enamel cups we ever did see. 

It’s a gift probably even Jesus would approve of, if we’re being honest. 

Deli gift sets from One World Deli

Depending on the favorite destination (or appetite) of the person you’re gifting, the deli gift sets at One World Deli have what you’re looking for. If they’re fond of Italian food, Spanish cuisine, or just plain ol’ steak, there’s a deli set for that. 

The Italian, Spanish, and snack sets also come in a reusable crate that your giftee can use for years to come. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

The cheesecake from Bolero

If you haven’t already heard of Bolero’s literal award-winning cheesecake, the holidays are a perfect time for an introduction. The modern European restaurant’s cheesecake is literally called “Spain’s best cheesecake” on its menu—which is a national award it won in 2019. 

And they mean business when they say cheesecake. It’s not like a baked New York cheesecake or a fluffy Japanese cheesecake. It’s an ooey-gooey, creamy confection with a blistered top and a biscuit crust. It’s one of the best cheesecakes out there, bar none, and will impress any diehard cheesecake connoisseur. 

[READ: I cannot stop thinking about Bolero BGC’s cheesecake]

Masala chai set from Jacob’s Well

While coffee is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to morning beverages, not everyone is a coffee person. And while some can argue that not everyone is a tea person either, the masala chai blends from Jacob’s Well can quickly change their minds. 

It’s hard to get authentic masala chai anywhere, but the brand has proven itself time and time again with their bottled chais and tea bag sets. It’s a delicious treat to start the morning with, and something to look forward to in the early hours. 

Holiday candles from Saan Saan

If there’s one hill I’m willing to die on, it’s that scented candles will never go out of style. Especially Saan Saan’s scented candles. The local chandlers have come out with two seasonal blends: Christmas Café and Pumpkin and Juniper. They’re both cozy, warm Christmas-inspired scents that’ll make any Christmas enthusiast very, very happy. They’re also seasonal, so it’ll definitely come with sentimental value attached. 

Perfume from Neil Felipp

Neil Felipp is known for his intricate minaudière creations, but did you know that he also has a line of perfume? His first scent, Siren, is a reimagination of his iconic first piece of the same name. 

It’s a fresh, light scent with notes of kalachuchi, mango, gardenia, and a hint of the sea. He also has another perfume named Suzy Wong (yes, like his other minaudière) that’s more of an osmanthus scent. 

Anything from For Keeps

If there’s one specific brand that makes bath sets people actually (and proudly) use, it’s For Keeps. The local brand has made its mark on the titas of Manila with their carefully crafted products with memorable scents and are safe for everyone to use. It’s also the perfect time to stock up on your personal hand sanitizer stashes. 

Leather money clip from Fino

What do you give to someone who has all the money in the world? Something to help them keep their money, of course. Fino is a well-loved local leather brand that creates long lasting leather goods in a multitude of styles. 

Their leather money clip is a practical gift for those who want to keep their wallets more on the streamlined side. The clip also comes in a variety of finishes to suit the personality of the person you’re gifting it to. 

Abaniko napkin ring from Casa Juan

Everyone would appreciate a little something from Casa Juan, but these abaniko napkin rings will impress even the most distinguished hostesses with the mostest-est. These napkin rings will add a hint of personality and nostalgia to any tablescape, and the best part is, even a set of four won’t break the bank. 

A wellness date at Niyama

Rest is the perfect gift to literally anyone, but how do you give something intangible? Busy schedules and a hectic holiday circuit will be sure to take a toll on everyone, so the closest thing to gifting a break is a spa appointment. 

Niyama is the spa at Anya Resort in Tagaytay. It’s a nice, breezy retreat that’s not too far from the city, but also far enough to make you forget your worries—at least for a day. The spa offers different services from massages and facials, to more health-centric treatments like bio-medical scans and all sorts of drips. 

They also have doctors on staff to make sure that you receive the best (and most relaxing) care possible. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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