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Neil Felipp’s minaudière creations tell galaxies of stories held in one hand

Neil Felipp’s designs have reached both Hollywood and red carpets all around the world, but everything he does is still for the Philippines

Want to give sustainable clothing to the fashion-forward people in your life? Check these local brands

From upcycled pieces to sustainable jewelry, these environment-friendly staples will help your fashionista friends stay green this holiday season

Nolisoli Selections drop 3 header
This is why you *can* have nice things: #NolisoliLumadEskwela is back for one last drop

For the final leg of our online auction-slash-fundraiser, we’re auctioning off pieces from Tammy David, Corinne de San Jose, Gabriel Bustos Santos and more

New Year shouldn’t always mean buying “new” things

While there are items you should *definitely* buy brand new, sometimes buying second hand is far better

Nolisoli Selections Drop 2 header nolisoliph
The gifts just keep coming with our second Nolisoli Selections drop

By this time, you should have completed your Christmas shopping. But what if you haven’t?…

Out of gifting ideas? Nolisoli Selections is back to help

If you haven’t decided on what to get your friends and family for Christmas, our…

Nolisoli Gift Guide: Fashion for the time being and maybe after quarantine

Funny, just last May I was ranting about how I miss dressing up for work.…

bath essentials for a cause banyuhay skin food
These bath essentials for a meaningful cause will shower you with good vibes

Because of our country’s humid climate, we Filipinos have developed a fondness for bathing. It’s…

nolisoli selections
Load up your carts. We’re auctioning items from Rajo Laurel, Ito Kish and more at Nolisoli Selections

We’ve been sharing our favorite local finds to you recently—from tableware to furniture and even…

Artefino’s moving to a new location this year

As lovers of all things local, you can count on us to be where the…