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12 local brands to help you with your holiday jewelry gifting

12 local brands to help you with your holiday jewelry gifting

  • If their jewelry aesthetic is clean girl, maximalist, vintage, or *really* vintage, these brands can help you decide which piece to gift

Jewelry, at its core, is also a sentimental item. Gifting someone a pair of earrings or a charm is one thing, but a necklace or a bracelet can signify a deeper, more intimate connection. To some, it may seem like an easy gift to give, but there’s way more than what meets the eye when it comes to choosing the right thing. 

If you’re planning on gifting someone some jewelry this holiday season, you should take lots of care and consideration into the piece you pick. You can tell a lot about someone by the type of accessories they wear. Jewelry isn’t just a last-minute addition to any outfit, it’s also a form of self-expression. 

Any type of jewelry is an extension of both personalities and memories. Traditionally, jewelry is handed down from generation to generation, which means even if the piece doesn’t fit their aesthetic, there’s still a lot of meaning behind it. 

Additionally, if you’re gifting someone something sparkly, you’re also making new memories with them. It’s a milestone event for some people, so here are a few local brands and artisans that can help you make your pick. 

For the modern Filipiñana lover

Adam Pereya Jewelry

Adam Pereya is a jewelry designer who specializes in recreating and designing traditional Filipino pieces with the help of master jewelry artisan Ely Arcilla Jr. Each piece (including the chains) are all handwrought, which means each component can take up to months to make. 

These pieces are also one of a kind, so if you’re in the running to impress, this can make the perfect gift. The designer also has a pop up at Greenbelt 5 at the PHx Station until January if you want to see the pieces in person. 

Natalya Lagdameo

Natalya Lagdameo is another jewelry designer known for her fabulous takes on traditional Filipino jewelry. Many of her pieces are crafted in fine materials (like real precious stones), so any piece from her would make a great landmark Christmas gift. Remember, jewelry is an investment! 


If your budget is a little more conservative, Calado is a local jewelry brand that does a similar style of jewelry but on the more affordable side compared to the first two designers. The brand also works with local artisans and craftsman to preserve the traditional way of making jewelry in the Philippines. That being said, it’s still not cheap, but it’ll leave less of a dent in your wallet. 

The fantastical, playful maximalist

Clay Drama

If colors, patterns, and interesting shapes are what your giftee wants, then Clay Drama’s collection of jewelry is what you need to be looking at. All the pieces are handcrafted and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The common theme among them, though, it’s that they’re all bright and eye-catching—which probably matches the bright and eye-catching person you want to give them to. 

Hanan at Bighari

Fantasy and myth come to life through the handmade pieces by Hanan at Bighari. Each piece is inspired by Filipino mythology and culture, which gives it a dreamy appeal. All the jewelry is made with elements from nature, like the sky, flowers, and rain. It’s all very whimsically magical. 

Tim Tam Ong

For gifters where money isn’t an option and you really want to make an impression on your maximalist giftee, look no further than local jewelry designer Tim Tam Ong. Ong’s works are all colorful statement pieces that glitter and glimmer under any type of light. It’s bright, beautiful, and would look amazing under the tree—and even better on the person you want to give them to. 

The sleek and chic

Fibi & Co. 

The clean girl aesthetic is still going strong, and Fibi & Co.’s pieces can make for wearable, everyday jewelry. Most of their pieces come in either gold or silver, and have a variety of sizes. All of their jewelry is also waterproof and tarnish resistant, so your giftee doesn’t have to worry about taking care of it while they go about their days. 

Mauve Manila

Mauve Manila makes jewelry for people who are a bit minimalist when it comes to jewelry, but also need a little bit of flair. They have tons of options for people who are more compelled to modern pieces (like their checkerboard pendant), but it still fits the bill for the minimalist jewelry aesthetic. 


Sunspell is another local brand that’s popular among clean girl aesthetic lovers. The jewelry is also waterproof and tarnish-resistant and comes in a variety of simple yet beautiful designs. For people with sensitive skin, Sunspell is your best bet because their jewelry is also hypoallergenic. And if you’re really in a hurry, you can pop over to their physical boutique at Power Plant Mall in Makati. 

The vintage piece lover

Vintage Avenue

There’s a certain charm that comes with vintage jewelry. Each piece already has its own story, and it’s up to the wearer to make more memories in it. Vintage Avenue is a local online jewelry store that sells unique vintage pieces like jewelry and watches. All of their pieces are only one of, which means if you see something you think the giftee would appreciate, don’t hesitate. 

Old Gold Manila

Old Gold Manila doesn’t just sell any type of vintage jewelry, they specialize in fine vintage jewelry, so what you’re buying is actual real precious metals and stones. They have all sorts of different designs, so you have options when it comes to the aesthetics of the jewelry. Again, since this is vintage, all these pieces are one of a kind, which means it’s a race whenever a new collection drops.

Souvenir is another local vintage jewelry seller that’s amassed quite a following due to the collections they release. They source jewelry from all over the world and cater to many different aesthetics. You have to stay tuned for their drops, though, because these pieces go fast. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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