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Jewelry that looks like your favorite food

Jewelry that looks like your favorite food


Is it possible to love food so much, you want to memorialize it in 18K gold and precious gems? That seems to be the case for Jul B Dizon. The jewelry brand paid tribute to their clients’ interests via their latest collection they’ve dubbed “Token.” There’s a token for audiophiles, featuring headphones on a cord, one for doctors, featuring a stethoscope with diamonds and a pearl, and one for sneakerheads, consisting of a diamond-encrusted running shoe. 

The most striking—to me, at least—is their collection of food pendants. There’s a burger made with a brown diamond-studded patty, red sapphire tomato slice, with gold melted cheese with lettuce and diamond seeded buns, which retails for P98,000 (a much higher ticket item than a small herd of cows, per our research on livestock prices). If going to Dampa or the seaside is more your thing, then indulge in a pink pearl crab with a ruby claw and diamond dipped legs. There’s even a sweet ice cream pendant, suited for diabetics with a taste for luxury.

If you’re looking for an unconventional food pairing, might I suggest a plant-based burger and a diamond studded burger to start?

Mother-of-pearl vanilla ice cream scoop with ruby cherry atop a gold and diamond wafer cone, P26,000, available at Jul B Dizon

Pink pearl crab with a ruby claw and diamond-dipped legs, P51,000

Brown diamond studded patty, red sapphire tomato slice, with gold melted cheese and lettuce, and ‘diamond’ seeds on buns, P98,000

OK, this isn’t food, but bee byproduct is still our fave sweetener. Bee of diamonds and yellow sapphire, P29,000


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