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assorted pastry wrapped in a cloth
These pastry bundles come in cute containers that are for keeps

Perfect for holiday gift-giving or just for your personal snacking

Chic duster dresses, a durable pair of lounge shoes and other Mother’s Day gift ideas

If you’re still scrambling to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, this list can help you narrow down your options

Gift ideas for those delivering *our* gifts

Show gratitude to our hardworking delivery persons with these practical gifts

Nolisoli Culture Gift Guide: Rare art book, vintage posters and T-shirt reminiscent of Escolta

Whether your friends and loved ones are into art, culture, cinema, dance or heritage conservation, there’s something for them in this list

nolisoli sustainable gift guide
Nolisoli gift guide: Sustainable ways to show your love this Christmas

The custom of giving and receiving material things for Christmas is often associated with expressing…

Nolisoli Gift Guide: Gifts that’ll keep caffeine-junkies awake until 2021

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A gift guide for rich people with a sense of humor

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The Nolisoli gift guide for when you’re ready to invest in jewelry

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A gift guide for every type of friend you have

It’s that time of the year again. And since gift-giving can be taxing, we know…

unsplash shoes photo
Still don’t have a Father’s Day gift? Shoes may be a good idea

Father’s Day is upon us once again. Buying gifts for our dads can get really…