Make your halo-halo *extra* fun with Agimat’s Ube Cream Liqueur

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Chocolate-filled waffle tips exist. And yes, these are tears in our eyes

Savoring the chocolate-filled final bite of your ice cream cone was a formative childhood experience for many of us. Now, we can buy just the tip

From the creator of cronuts comes a croissant that’s also toast

Cronut creator Dominique Ansel is at it again with his new creation: croissant toasts that comes in maple and sea salt flavors

Seedless avocado exists and it’s here in the Philippines

The fruit is elongated like cucumber, sweet like honey, viscous, and, of course, seedless. It is a product of a farmer’s decades of attempts to make a seedless avocado

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Say goodbye to sticky keyboard fingers and hello to a delicious lunch with these Japanese sandwich places that deliver

Halo-halo beers exist—at least in the U.S.

Both variants by Minneapolis-based Pryes Brewing Company and California-based Harland Brewing Company boast a flavors of ube, coconut, and mango, and a seven percent alcohol by volume

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The sweetest, juiciest and most delicious mangos are now in season. Make the most out of them with these desserts

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Hot takes: If a dish is described as just ‘spicy,’ it’s not worth eating

“Spice cannot stand on its own. Spice should be a ladder to help ingredients reach heights they cannot by themselves.”