LIST: Warm desserts to keep you cozy on cold, rainy days

If the stormy weather has you feeling down, these warm, sweet desserts are the pick-me-up you deserve

irvins salted egg noodles nissing singapore
Your salted egg chips and instant ramen dreams are coming true—albeit in Singapore

If you love salted egg-flavored chips and ramen, well, this one is for you: Irvin’s is collaborating with Nissin for a salted egg instant noodles

nadine lustre buying sarsa
Nadine Lustre’s sarsa run had us craving lechon manok. Here are our top picks

A prophet—Nadine Lustre—once said, “Winner, winner, lechon manok dinner!” after being asked what she ate with that sari-sari store sarsa

adobo beets with atsara and coconut lemongrass rice
Adobo can be meatless, too. Just ask this home ‘kewk’

Instagram food account @ahomekewk, created by our former publisher Bea Ledesma—of chefs- and stars-approved veggie burger fame—is not a one-dish wonder. In a new collab with long-time friend and chef Miko Calo, A Home Kewk takes on adobo made meatless

Love K-drama? You’ll want to order one of these egg drop sandwiches

Eat like your favorite K-drama star when you bite into one of these gorgeous (and delicious!) egg drop sandwiches

siling labuyo chili peppers harvested and collected in a basket
We’ve been confusing siling labuyo for another chili all this time

Chances are the “siling labuyo” you are buying is its relative from Taiwan, which may be more good-looking but not as hot

golden rice on the palm of a person in the field
Why are farmers against Golden Rice, the purported silver bullet to end malnutrition?

Two decades since it became a breakthrough grain, Golden Rice is back in the limelight as the Philippines becomes the first country to approve it for commercial planting. Farmers, however, are still pushing against it. Why?

tart dessert with a mallow topping and black sesame seeeds sprinkle
New desserts to try: iced gem doughnuts, sweet-savory tarts from La Union

Order up, dessert people! Time to switch up your sweets and add these new treats to your rotation

van leeuwen mac and cheese ice cream
Mac ’n cheese ice cream actually makes sense to queso sorbetes-loving Pinoys

Van Leeuwen’s latest ice cream flavor takes its cue from the boxed ready-to-cook treat, but Americans are not very fond of it

Joy is fleeting, but you can order this falafel sandwich every day

“People usually consume food, not the other way around. This falafel sandwich though… It’s different.”