Here's why youre sick of your own cooking header nolisoliph
Here’s why you’re sick of your own cooking—according to science

It’s also the reason free food or meals you didn’t make yourself just hit the spot

Agimat Gin bottle nolisoliph
Taste the flavors of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in this locally-made gin

Aside from paying tribute to local ingredients, Agimat Gin also incorporates mythology and symbolism to the experience

Coconut yogurt, a dairy-free option for the lactose intolerant and eco-conscious

Thrive & Co. and NiYog are two local brands fermenting coconut milk-based yogurt towards a dairy-free future

Shake Shack Chicken Bites Manila Header nolisoliph
Order up! Shake Shack’s Chick’n Bites are finally coming to Manila

Attention all Shack fans! The NY-based fast food chain is finally adding Chick’n Bites to the menu—but only for a limited time

This local home brewery bottles our sacred connection with nature

There is joy in trying out different drinks, especially if they’re locally produced brews that…

Proclamation Gin sampaguita header nolisoliph
Sampaguita is the main botanical in this locally made gin

Instead of juniper and licorice, Proclamation Gin uses sampaguita flowers handpicked by women farmers in Central Luzon

Choco butternut hearts dunkin donuts header nolisoliph
Heart-shaped choco butternut donuts are this year’s no-fail Valentine’s gift

If subtly declaring your love isn’t an option, Dunkin’ Donuts’ limited edition choco butternut mini-hearts are what you’re looking for

Eng Bee Tin Dulce de Leche tikoy header nolisoliph
Eng Bee Tin’s dulce de leche tikoy is right on time for Chinese New Year

The Chinese deli’s limited edition tikoy is currently available in-store and through its website

Cacao juice, once the humble farmers’ drink, may be chocolate industry’s ticket to sustainability

Malagos Chocolate is one of the first local producers to make cacao juice extracted from the white flesh of cacao pods

ichiran ramen vr game
Love Ichiran ramen? This VR game turns you into a pro chef making it

“Counter Fight Ichiran” lets you recreate the Japanese ramen chain’s customizable recipes with different toppings, noodles and broth types in the virtual realm