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LIST: All the deliciously sweet ways we’re cooling down this cruel summer

LIST: All the deliciously sweet ways we’re cooling down this cruel summer

  • Cold desserts and sweet treats are a godsend in this blistering, nauseating, rotisserie-oven type weather

We’re all using different coping mechanisms to battle the awful dry season heat, and dessert is one of them. Anything sweet and cold is a winner in our book, and we at Nolisoli are nothing but grateful whenever a sweet lil’ treat comes our way.

Here are just a few favorites we swear by.

Milk chocolate mousse with dark chocolate fudge from Aurora

Aurora’s milk chocolate mousse with dark chocolate fudge. Photo by Samantha Ong

“Cold dessert? It’s hard to play favorites but I guess one that I liked this year is Nicco Santos and Quenee Vilar’s milk chocolate mousse with dark chocolate fudge. Okay, it’s probably not the coldest dessert I’ve had but I liked the various silky and smooth “textures” at play here.

It’s decadent but also not as heavy as it looks. Plus, you get hints of floral profiles from the Earl Grey cream. Chills (and spritzes) you just right with each spoonful.”—Eric Salta, senior editorial manager

Ubeng ube from Halo-Halo Story

“I love their Ubeng-ubeng ube which contains ube halaya, shaved ube milk, and ube ice cream among other things. It’s perfect because it’s basically halo halo but it’s mostly ube and uses tapioca instead of beans. Like Kendrick, I’m the biggest hater (of beans, that is).”—Samantha Ong, photographer and videographer

Kinako from Kodawari

“I love a surprise ending! Brownie bottom girlies, unite! But also texture on texture on texture!”—Christian San Jose, associate editor

Frozen yogurt

“As someone whose favorite flavor profile is often on the sour side (lol) I really prefer froyo. To me it’s like a slightly sour, slightly sweet, probably healthier version of soft serve ice cream (which I also love, don’t get me wrong). Bonus is that most froyo places also offer it with fruits and sauces on the side. I’m pretty basic but I like my classic strawberries and mangoes with a drizzling of either caramel sauce or biscoff sauce.

Runner up: Korean ice cream. Specifically, the chocolate popsicle that I think is called ‘Encho Bar’ according to the packaging, but I always just call it Korean Pinipig.”—Pauline Miranda, managing editor

Purple sweet potato ice cream with foie gras and soy cereal crunch from Kasa Palma

Kasa Palma’s purple sweet potato ice cream, soy cereal crunch, foie gras salted cream, grated frozen foie gras, and ube tuille

“Where do I even begin with this dessert? It’s basically ube ice cream with a salty hit from the foie and an added crunch from the soy cereal. She’s sweet, savory, salty, and very, very rich. I think of her fondly to this day. I could have an entire industrial-sized tub of this dessert if the Lord (and chef Aaron Isip) would let me.”—Andrei Yuvallos, junior content creator

Ube iskrambol from Tealive

“I just love their take on my fave childhood dessert.”—Nimu Muallam, creative director

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