There’s a huge difference between being polite and being fake

Uncomfortable situations can prompt you to act in a certain way which can be misconstrued as “fake.” But what is being “fake,” really?

Recovering from depression made me excited to turn 60

Some people with depression don’t think they’ll live to a ripe old age. When they recover, though, aging becomes a tangible reality

The exciting, subtle defiance of drinking alone

Drinking alone isn’t for everyone, but there can be some joy and empowerment to be found in it when done the right way

In defense of eating alone

There is joy in eating out by yourself even if it isn’t for everyone

No, history is not up for debate

No matter how many sides there are to the story, the facts—and the truth—will always remain the same

Commuters wear face masks as they wait for their rides along Taft Avenue in Manila amid the threat of the novel coronavirus, a day after the Philippines confirmed its first case of the virus on Thursday, January 30. #CoronavirusPH 📸Richard A. Reyes/PDI
OPINION: Dear gov’t, stop leaving the middle class out

Radio host and incoming senator Raffy Tulfo says the middle class can fend for themselves. The question is, for how much longer?

You might need a *long* wallet for the new P1,000 bills, says BSP

This is to minimize the folding of the new polymer banknote. The other trick? Have women keep it. “Mas madali ’yan sa babae kasi may handbag kayo,” incoming BSP Governor Felipe Medalla said

MMDA thinks the sole reason for EDSA flooding is a lack of discipline in garbage disposal. It’s not

The traffic bureau is blaming floods AND heavy traffic on a lack of discipline in throwing away garbage. We’re here to unpack why it’s not that simple

OPINION: The SUV hit-and-run case is privilege in action

Apparently, justice isn’t just blind—it’s also on call. Well, if you have the means and the right connections, that is

commuter jun 1 ncr gcq grig montegrande stranded inquirer
OPINION: The country needs walkable cities, ASAP

Commuting in the Philippines isn’t just difficult. It can also be costly, time-consuming, and dangerous