For Filipinos, disowning your parents is unthinkable. But politics is changing that

Our reverence for elders has kept younger generations mum about issues they stand with. What does it mean that political scions are now speaking up against their parents?

Filipinos again: Reconnecting with those with a different opinion

The current election appears to be more divisive than any time in history, threatening work, social, and family bonds

Collective empathy is the best gift you can give this Christmas

This Christmas, the priority should be helping people who are suffering from the effects of calamities. Not politicizing aid

How to survive election season in one piece

We all have different political beliefs. Some of us just happen to be bound by blood or bond to people on different areas of the spectrum

More than politicians, we need public servants in office

Politicians in the Philippine political arena are a dime a dozen. Who we need to elect are public servants

online learning student on a computer
DepEd to stop ‘online kopyahan’ with PNP, parents, and more work for teachers?

Online cheating, the education department said, has been a problem even before the pandemic. Now, it says it is exhausting all means to combat it, some at the expense of teachers

manila at dusk street view
Manila is apparently the 2nd best city in the world for sleeping. Seriously? How?

As if this “study” can get any more dubious, it’s based on tweets. As if we Filipinos tweet about stressful nights as religiously as we do about earthquakes

An open letter to students struggling with trauma caused by the faulty education system

Disclaimer: This was written not to antagonize educators, but solely to validate the feelings of students struggling with educational trauma

OPINION: The PNP says there won’t be reforms. It’s true—it needs a complete overhaul

Our moment of reckoning is over. It’s time for action

What’s so toxic about toxic positivity?

“Good vibes only” is a problematic catchphrase that only serves to hide the reality of an issue instead of solving it