This Weekend


Fragrance 101 with Bernadette Lim

Learn how to make your own perfume with certified fragrance specialist Bernadette Lim of BC Fragrance. The class is designed to give you basic knowledge in creating and selling your own products. Lim is a fragrance specialist certified by The Fragrance Foundation in New York City.

“Memento Obliviscere” by Bea Camacho

Bolstered by research in psychological studies and experiments in memory, Camacho’s Memento Obliviscere is a suite of artworks that engage with science where it is almost fantastical. (Words by Marc Escalona Gaba)

“Terratorial Piercings” by Lena Cobangbang

“I’ve always been invested in thinking about land as a site, as territory, as form, as matter, and as an ideal,” says artist Lena Cobangbang. “If my previous show [at the Pinto Museum] invoked land as Edenic paradise lost in its nostalgic romanticism, in Terratorial Piecings, land [is] dissected and spliced from its basic syntax to its connotative meaning, like disassembled puzzle pieces seeking to be reconfigured.”

An Extraordinary Eye for the Ordinary by artist Elmer Borlongan, curated by Ambeth Ocampo

Curated by historian Ambeth Ocampo, this survey of Elmer Borlongan’s work of over 20 years captures both the joys and sorrows of Filipino everyday life—from the backstreets of Mandaluyong where he spent his youth, to the bukid of Zambales where he would spend much of his adult life.

Learn the ropes of writing children’s stories in this six-hour literary crash course

Together with published children’s book author Dr. Joem Antonio, participants will receive a six-hour crash course on storytelling for a young audience. Lectures about the audiences covered by children’s literature as well as story design principles and exercises that will help you quickly build children’s story also await. For inquiries on registration and fees, you can visit their Facebook event page here.

Wthdrwn, an art fair for the underdogs

Wthdrwn is an avenue for underdogs, underground artists, misfits, outcasts, introverts, and people who are just “generally misunderstood”. This art fair has curated a group of illustrators, graphic designers, and painters mixed with performing poetry such as poetry reading and spoken word.


A nude sketching session promoting body positivity

Bare Dynamics is a nude sketching session that promotes body positivity and nudity by incorporating improv movements, reflecting one’s day-to-day stiff and graceful motions.