This Month

“Wave Drawings Nos. 11-12” by Nice Buenaventura explores the links between the mundane and ritualistic

In “Wave Drawing Nos. 11-12,” Nice Buenaventura works with hand-drawn representations of the invisible currents that guide the simultaneous acts of production and documentation, emphasizing the presence of what is ostensibly absent. The central pieces are part of an ongoing series titled “Wave Drawings,” wherein vibrations caused by the movement of the artist’s drawing hand are recorded, the resulting graph of the gesture translated into a gradient in which a band’s darkness corresponds to
the size of the wave.

Breakthrough: Kandama’s revival of Filipino culture through fashion

Kandama Collective is a community of spirited individuals with the objective of uplifting Filipino talent and culture through fashion and the arts.

Breakthrough brings the co-creation of contemporary designers and indigenous artisans as they make timeless pieces that fit the modern market.

Relive Malate in Malate Moderne: A 1930’s Art Deco Architecture Walk

Join the tour and explore this historic neighborhood through its selection of 1930’s Art Deco buildings. On this walk, you’ll learn about Commonwealth era’s signature modernist style and visit Deco-style homes, hidden chapels, apartments, a jewel-box theater, and take a peek at Manila’s only Art Deco style sports complex.

This tour is part of the week-long Artkitektura Festival of the Architecture and the Arts. More details on

Mia Casal is hosting two pottery workshops this month

Mia Casal left the city to pursue pottery in Zambales. After founding Clay Ave, she’s well on her way to do so much more with her craft.

For information, you can visit their Facebook page here.

Learn and earn by making handmade herbal soap in this workshop

Learn the process on how to make homemade soap derived from herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The day-long seminar will have a hands-on experience on how to make milk and oat soap from goat’s milk and coconut, green papaya soap, oatmeal soap, transparent soap with vitamin E, glycerine soap with fresh fruits, herbs and flower extract, soap scrubs such as chocolate soap, pumice soap, loofah soap, and many more.

“The Given Order” is a visual exploration of the different tangents of faith and tradition

Religion has been and still is an all-encompassing influence in the lives of Filipinos. Religion being an agent of social order and transformation is looked into by Fr. Dy, who uses art in conjunction with the spiritual life of communities he is connected with. Meanwhile, del Castillo’s works engage with the anxieties and violence in the perception and experience of the individual and collective faith.

“The Given Order” will also foreground pieces from the LML’s permanent collection including sketches and paintings by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Ang Kiukok, Angelito Antonio, Jose Joya, and Galo Ocampo. This exhibit is curated by Ricky Francisco.

Remembering Quijano de Manila

What Do I Say to a Giant” is a nod to the indelible mark Nick Joaquin left in Philippine Journalism. This exhibit strives to (re)introduce Quijano’s works in conversation with works of Marc Gaba and Teaching Exhibitions, alongside tangents that will meaningfully engage present contexts. The exhibition is curated by Thea Garing.

Hueman: Things that Remain Hidden

Hueman is a multi-arts festival that acts as a ‘safe space’ for artists to express the fine line between being human and being hidden.

Art Market at Art in Island

Art Market is a weekend event where artists and artists-at-heart can showcase their art products and services; where families and friends can enjoy and appreciate art at the same time. Art in Island will be transformed into a stage for young and local artists to promote local, artsy, and handmade goods.

The king of Crazy Rich Asians is coming to Manila

Kevin Kwan, the bestselling author of the Crazy Rich trilogy, is coming back to Manila this August. Meet the mind behind the glitz and glam world of Asia’s elite, and have your books signed by the king of Crazy Rich Asians himself.

Sign up for Drawing Fundamentals I, an art techniques class for aspiring artists

Arm yourself with the correct know-how on drawing fundamentals in this workshop. For more information on how you can register, visit their Facebook page.

Saturday x Future Market is back this weekend

Escolta’s Saturday x Future Market will get you excited to make plans this weekend: art, crafts, indie clothing and accessory labels, stickers, post cards, books, magazines, and zines.

Discover the power of SEO in millennial-driven companies

In a world where branding and online presence is very crucial, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an integral part of a successful business. Like any other marketing strategy, SEO is not magic, but it provides a business visibility, branding, web traffic, a high ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behavior. Dan Clarke, CEO of Digital Marketing Agency Disruptient and a renowned SEO expert with a decade of experience consulting some of the world’s largest brands (Groupon, HSBC, Nissan, Adidas, Zalora) will show you how to harness the power of SEO in today’s millennial.

Isang linggong pagdiriwang sa SaluSining Art Festival

SALU, the Filipino Restuarant is set to celebrate its first anniversary with a week-long art festival.

  • SALU
  • 07:00 PM
  • August 14 - August 19

It’s always a good time for wine and design

Kartell Manila presents Conversations by Kartell, a series of chats about design and the bright new era of interior and lighting design. The talk will be kicked off by WE Design’s Mark Wilson and Nikki Escalona-Tayag.

Artist Jill Paz renovates the past in her first solo exhibition in the country

In “The Past is a Foreign Country,” Paz focuses on images as object survivors of the past. The underlying theme of memory is re-interpreted by the artist as an exploration of renovation, embodied in her own experience of cultural loss. She explores this through homage paintings based on the work of her great grand-uncle, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo.

Catch West Side Story live in Manila starting tomorrow

West Side Story is a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet but with more drama, romance, struggle, comedy, and lots of dancing. Watch the upper west side of New York from the feud between two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, up to the tragic love story of Tony and Maria.

Dream (or plan) your storybook wedding at the Beginnings Bridal Showcase

Beginnings Bridal Showcase is a day-long affair that shines a spotlight on every major detail needed for a dream wedding, inspiring visitors with exhibits of themed celebrations. There will be a fashion show by renowned designer Francis Libiran, in partnership with Wedding Essentials Magazine.

“Satellites for Minor Planets” by Carina Santos

“Satellites for Minor Planets” examines landscapes and geography in a way that considers them portraits or markers of the self. What can be learned from information gathered from an observable distance? What can phenomenological details say about where you are? What can be learned about someone, through the spaces they inhabit?

Buboy Cañafranca’s “Cognitive Dissonance” treats meat as the center of desire

Buboy Cañafranca’s “Cognitive Dissonance” stands as an interesting parody which tackles
desire. Meat is at the heart of it and it is exactly what he chooses to paint. Done in a realistic fashion, the portions of meat that Cañafranca has painted and memorialized stand naked in all their sanguine luster, like portraits and venerations to a pious existence.

X/Y/Z by Victor Balanon

Artist Victor Balanon walks you through the alphabet’s last three letters with an artistic approach in “XYZ.” 

Bust out your pomades and denim for Mumbo Gumbo: Rockabilly Bill

Live performances and DJ sets will keep the night going at Mumbo Gumbo: Rockabilly Bill. Play dress up with pin-up styles (Cherokee), tattoos (ink from Good Hand Tattoo), haircuts, more performances, and food await in this event.

  • 20:20
  • 09:00 PM
  • August 17 - August 18

Art & Family: The Asuncion Legacy

Art & Family: The Asuncion Legacy is an exhibition of 19th-century paintings, illustrations, and sculptures by preeminent Filipino artists of the time: brothers Justiniano, Leoncio, and Mariano Asuncion. The Asuncion family has devoted their lives to the arts through painting and sculpture. Today, the descendants still hold regular meetings and reunions and have initiated this exhibition to honor the memory and legacy of the Asuncion family.

Capture the hidden spaces of San Sebastian Church in this photowalk tour

Get a chance to explore and photograph the unique architectural marvel that is San Sebastian Basilica—the country’s first and only all-metal building. Get access to hidden spaces: from the choir loft to the attic, and to the belfries.

“Images from Behind the Camera” by Neil Daza

“Images from Behind the Camera” welcomes you to Neil Daza’s frame of the staged and the documentary, shuttling between the real and the unreal.

Eric Zamuco’s “Almost Not” finds comfort in death

Almost Not” contemplates on the thresholds of meaning reached through new associations between objects and their recontextualizations. Here, the principal object being military field gurney stretchers, Zamuco re-imagines their appearance by counter-weighting them with other objects devised from either personal histories or formal transgressions.

Frank Callaghan’s signature night photos are on full display in “Search/Light”

Shot over a period of five successive nights, this is Callaghan’s first new series in two years and is comprised of 17 photographs that make use of the barest of elements beneath the night sky: an empty sea and a piercing beam of light.

Jehor Bitancor answers life’s biggest questions in “Paradox of Living”

More than just being narratives of the human condition, Bitancor creates visual dramas laced with metaphors and symbols in his latest work titled “Paradox of Living.” Bitancor is an artist who puts the painting in the service of asking life’s big questions.

Aia Solis’ “2307” delves into a paralyzing world brought by anxiety

“In this quiet solitude, my thoughts begin to scatter without constraint. The constant war with this facade I struggle to keep. And choosing carefully the things I would reveal, with the unease of what the norm might find inappropriate. Meandering scenes that play through my head forms a separate consciousness. Should I repress these wandering subliminal echoes travelling my own isolated universe?”

2307 is a photo exhibition by photographer Aia Solis.

“Immortal Days” by Glitch Glitch serves as a break from the mundane world

The show features a collection of artworks that urges one to go back to those years of juvenile exploits. Yesterdays of endless endorphin rush brought about by transient fancies, bad decisions, and substance experimentation. Days when one surrendered to hazy nights of seemingly endless euphoria. “Immortal Days” is the latest work of visual artists Crist Espiritu and Angge Lorente, who are collectively known as Glitch Glitch.

Clarity and abstraction await with new exhibitions by Alvin Zafra, Costantino Zicarelli, and Nice Buenaventura

In the Main Gallery, CCP 13 Artist Awardee Alvin Zafra takes us on a visual journey of a car-less EDSA through his series of sandpaper works in “Hi-Way 54.”

In the Big Room, Costantino Zicarelli continues his foray into the unconventional. Black has never been as complex and as ethereal as with Zicarelli’s musings in “ot/ a/ biillno/ aersyyears billion a to.”

Last but not the least, Nice Buenaventura brings calculated shapes and graphs from her ongoing series “Wave Drawings” in her first solo show with the gallery at the Inner Room.

“Fresh Cut, New Blood” is a testament to the art of collage

The focus on young, next-generation artists featured in the show attests to collage’s capacity to explore, scavenge, and decode the tumult found in the present visual landscape. Fresh Cut, New Blood is a group show curated by Gary-Ross Pastrana, featuring the works of Jan Balquin, Dina Gadia, Jacob Lindo, Carina Santos, and Jel Suarez.

  • MO_Space
  • 11:00 AM
  • August 5 - September 3

“Inner Weather” by Jem Magbanua

Inner Weather primarily reflects on the poetics of space—where the surrounding nuances are symbolic of individual subjectivity, states of mind and soul, variations on site become catalysts for change; the color blue, which dominates the works in the exhibition, are forays into the unknown that represent the boundless human imagination and frontier spirit.

Artist Hadrian Mendoza translates the ferocity and passion of the color red in “A Drop of Red”

Mendoza chooses to reference the societal issues enveloping the country today in his latest exhibit called A Drop of Red. The war on drugs, the cycle of life and death, and a momentous scene of forgetting, even letting go in his new set of ceramics bombard and astonish the viewer in the two rooms of the gallery.

Aesthetic, craft, and story are front and center at ArteFino

Immerse not only in beautiful everyday objects but also in living traditions. Develop a deeper appreciation for the ingenious craftsmanship of the items as you get to know the artisans personally. Experience inspiration and innovation come through together as ArteFino presents more than 70 well-curated brands, following the #StiloArteFino guiding principle: aesthetic, craft, and story.

New gallery alert: Mono8 announces its first inaugural show

“Extreme Present” is a group show comprised of both local and foreign artists currently showing in the Manila art scene. The show explores the pluralism in contemporary art and the challenges artists face to keep up with the now. It touches on the difficulties of innovation and revels in the success of overcoming such tribulations in originality. It prods and it provokes, and asks: “What now? What next?”

Vladimir Grutas presents “Sakal”

This conceptual installation art by Vladimir Grutas, titled Sakal, is an invitation to critical thinking: How does text (whether language, images, or objects) generate meaning? The installation is also an invitation for self-reflection on the process of meaning-making.

State and religion collide in David Viray’s “Langit Lupa”

In Langit Lupa, artist David Ryan Viray exhibits an overview of his influences that shaped him as an individual. The series of images showcased in every artwork reflects how state and religion molded his beliefs and preferences. It is a depiction of social and spiritual manifestations of the artist’s character.

See the evolving identity of Manila

“MANILA: Hidden in Plain Sight” represents the character of the metropolitan that is continuously reshaped by its urban landscape and city dwellers. This exhibition weaves the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ painting collection with the practices of contemporary art that reflects on the captured tenacity of the city. Among the participating artists are Manix Abrera, Tad Ermitaño, Dina Gadia, Cocoy Lumbao, Leeroy New, Issay Rodriguez, Denise Weldon, and MM Yu.

See the art from the provinces in “Distinct Refinements”

“Distinct Refinements: Painting from the Provinces” is a long overdue recognition of the creative expressions that were nurtured in the regions, independent of the currents and trends in Manila.

“The Library of Unread Books” by Heman Chong and Renée Staal

This exhibit develops from the artist’s deep-seated longing for books. The reference library is made up of donated books that are unread by their previous owners and the result of a collective gesture that traces the perimeters of unwanted knowledge.

BenCab Museum celebrates their eighth anniversary

On their eighth year, BenCab presents “Take 5 on Aquarelle.” It’s a five-generation exhibition of watercolor paintings by Alfredo Roces, BenCab, Elmer Borlongan, Kelly Ramos and Abi Dionisio.