This Month

Himmel über them lonesome cities at 1335MABINI

A group of Philippine-based artists is invited to explore these themes. The first part of the exhibition title is an allusion to a movie by German director Wim Wenders, whose movie influenced movies made in the US and India, a building in Prague, a music video by R.E.M., etc., epitomizing a movement of people, goods and ideas across man-made borders into the urban everyday.

Unsettled, a manifestation of experimentation

Peer through the lens of a group of individuals who thrive on the uneasiness of creation. Unsettled is a manifestation of experimentation and the restless child of creativity and ingenuity. Luis Lorenzo Hidalgo, Marian Barro, LikhaCo, and Pren_o take the torch and play with the fires of the current to test the limits of their creative norm. With the art of film and photography, they leave themselves vulnerable yet attain something new.

Nobody’s ever too young or too old to learn how to draw cartoon

Do you like to doodle and draw? Are you thinking of being a comic artist or an animator someday? This workshop is for beginners, from ages 9 and up, who want to improve their drawing construction. This is a twelve-session workshop with classes held MWF from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Workshop fee: P6,000, inclusive of art materials

Drink beer, save animals at Pints for Pups

An awesome night of craft beer tasting to support PETA’s “Kapon Ligation Immediately, Please” (KLIP) program, which makes spay/neuter services available for animals in indigent communities. Every ticket includes your choice of six beer tasters (100 ml) or three specials (250 ml), as well as vegan snacks.

“Make Me Four Masks” is a female-dominated exhibit

The face has been masked with various symbols; while figures are now entrapped in a more experimental environment with undertones of surrealism. Such new styles are expressed by Bulacan-based artists Don Bryan Bunag, Lawrence Cervantes, Mark Maac and Marvin Quizon in their four-man exhibit entitled “Make Me Four Masks” drawn from the concluding line of Virginia Moreno’s famous poem, “Order for Masks.” Inspired by the element of mystery and universality, their female-dominated pieces resonate the exhibit’s literary reference through the paradox of revealing through concealing.

“Mist in the Realm of the Subconscious Mind II” at SM Art Center

“Mist in the Realm of the Subconscious Mind II” will feature the artists’ different ways of releasing their subconscious thoughts. In a series of works depicting mythical worlds, flamboyant personalities, and the embodiment of surreal fantasies.

“Shakespeare, Traffics, Tropics” at the 3rd biennial conference of the Asian Shakespeare Association

Whether you’re a curious passerby or a loyal fan, there’s always something new to learn about The Bard, and this May you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on his life and work. The Ateneo de Manila University and the University of the Philippines Diliman are hosting a conference this month that gathers the leading Shakespearean scholars and theater practitioners from around the globe. “Shakespeare, Traffics, Tropics” is the third Asian Shakespeare Association Conference, with a series of seminars, workshops, exhibits, and performances that will fuel your inner literary soul.

  • Areté
  • 08:00 AM
  • May 28 - May 30

“Labas vs. Loob” by Patrick Cruz

According to the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, there are 7,641 islands in the Philippine archipelago today. During the spring high tide brought about by the moon and the sun, seven of them would submerge and disappear creating a cartographical anomaly. Facts bubble into a foam of fiction blurring the agency of time. Similar to its geography, the history of the Philippines is awash with ideological tidal currents that perpetually advance and retreat, sedating the Filipino subconscious into a cultural coma.

Counterclockwise, a group exhibition at Mono8

Counterclockwise is a group exhibit made by six artists, featuring the works of Renz Baluyot, Bjorn Calleja, Don Djerassi Dalmacio, Jonas Eslao, Jeffrey Jay Jarin, and Wipo.

Reinterpreting Vic Delotavo’s Poster for Philippine Cinema

The exhibition is a corollary to the museum’s ongoing survey show, “Vic Delotavo: Posters for Philippine Cinema”. Here, Dranreb Belleza, Valeria Cavestany, Carlos Celdran, John Lloyd Cruz, Patrick Cruz, Robert Langenegger, Romeo Lee, Jayson Oliveria, Raul Rodriguez, Gerardo Tan, Jay Yao and Cecile Zamora reinterpret Vic Delotavo’s work by repurposing his sought-after compositions in the Archivo 1984 collection through their varying artistic styles.

A Pilgrimage; Souls Retrieved, Ceremonies Constructed at The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room presents A Pilgrimage; Souls Retrieved, Ceremonies Constructed by Miguel Aquilizan and Jessica Dorizac.

Watch your favorite Kidlat Tahimik films until June at Ateneo Art Gallery

The Ateneo Art Gallery is hosting Kidlat Revisited: Public Screenings of Kidlat Tahimik Films starting Apr. 25. To register, click here.

Enroll your kids in robotics, 3D animation, and digital arts courses this summer

In Power Mac Center’s latest series of summer workshops, courses were thoroughly selected and modules creatively crafted to meet the current interests of young digital enthusiasts. Kids aged eight to 15 are invited to enroll in a five-day session on game development, digital arts, 3D modeling and animation, and robotics.