Sweet Ecstasy


The Cheeseburger – P240
The classic cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, ecstasy sauce, and your choice of onions.

The Double – P370
The classic, with twice the beef and cheese. In other words, two cheeseburgers, one bun.

The Hamburger – P205

The Grilled Cheeseburger – P330
Two grilled cheese sandwiches topped with our patty, more cheese, and our homemade garlic aioli.

The Steam Burger – P250
The burger for purists AKA Manila’s worst-kept burger secret.

The Beyond Burger – P500


The wings are coated in our unique double batter & fried crispy. Ask for gloves if you don’t get down and dirty.

Sriracha Lime – P345

Buffalo – P345

Soy Honey – P345

Nashville Hot – P345

Wingception  – P380



Fantastic Fries – P100
handcut potato french fries

Burger Fries – P245
fries with everything on top

Ecstasy Fries – P150
fries with ecstacy and cheese

Kamote Fries – P105
sweet potato french fries

Pickle Fries – P145
deep-fried baby dill pickles

Onion Rings – P140
everyone’s favorite onion rings



Soda – P75

Lemonade – P85
old fashioned or pink lemonade

Ginger Ale – P180
freshly brewed Stanford x Shaw Ginger Ale

Mineral water



San Mig Light – P95

Pale Pilsen – P95

Cerveza Negra – P95

Premium – P120



The End – P150
glazed donut buns, Oreos, and vanilla ice cream. Game over. 

Extra patty – P100

Extra cheese – P30

Extra bacon – P90