Manna and Golde


Roast Garlic Soup
Thick garlic broth served with poached egg and topped with croutons — P120

Potato and Celery Soup
Heary and healthy — P140

Chicken Noodle Soup
Homemande chicken noodle soup, good for the soul — P140

Bravo Beef Nachos
Topped with shredded beef sirloin and lotsa cheese — P180

Charred Onion and Sour Cream Fries
Crispy French fries with charred onion and sour cream dip — P160


Nasi Lemak Porridge with Beef Tapa
Infused with coconut milk, topped with marinated beef tapa — P220

Thick Fluffy Pancakes with Fruits
2 thick pancakes topped with fruits and a generous helping of with cream — P195

Classic Fried Bangus with Rice
Classic Filipino dish, marinated bangus served with garlic rice and sunny side-up egg — P220

Spam and Egg Rice
Your favorite Spam Lite served with light scrambled eggs — P210

Super Breakfast Platter
3 maple saugsages, scrambled eggs, and a choice of English muffin or garlic rice — P285

Garlic Peppersteak Rice
Peppery Italian Sausage steaks, with a side of buttered corn and carrots — P270

M&G Chicken Salad
Fresh greens, bell peppers, beets topped with shredded roast chicken — P160

Great Burger Patsy (GBP)
Quarter pounder cheeseburger with side of fries — P285

Blazing Sausage Burger
Like it hot and spicy? This burger is oozing with our homemade secret mayo — P275

Mediterranean Chicken Sandwhich
Mediterranean-inspired sandwich with shredded chicken, fresh greens, and slices of lemon — P190

Crispy Chicken Chops
Fried chicken chops with aioli dip — P220

Mozza Meatball Spaghetti
Classic Spaghetti with mozzarella cheese meatball — P240

Shrimp and Dill Pasta
Creamy pasta will crystal shrimp and dill — P280

Hawaiian Pork Belly Rice
Fork-tender sweet and tangy pork belly, our best seller  — P245

Curry Beef Rice
Japanese inspired curry beef brisket  — P265

Autumn Roast Chicken with Rice
Marinated for 24 hours, our roast chicken is also good for sharing  — P220

Bacon Mac N Cheese
Super cheesy mac n’ cheese with smoked bacon bits  — P205

Baked Salmon Casserole
Salmon Tenderloin in bechamel sauce  — P310


Espresso — P100

Doppio — P100

Cafe Americano

Hot — P120

Cold — P130

Cappuccino — P145

Cafe Latte

Hot — P165

Cold — P175

Salted Caramel Latte

Hot — P175

Cold — P185

Cinnamon Latte

Hot — P175

Cold — P185

Siphon coffee  (with a choice of Benguet, Guatemala, and Ethiopia) — P165

Cold Brew — P165

Cold Brew Latte — P180


Sencha Tea — P130

Jasmine Tea — P130

Peach Iced Tea — P150

Strawberry Iced Tea — P150

Passionfruit Iced Tea — P150


Green Spring — P210

Green apple, cucumber, mint

Yellow Autumn — P210

Green apple, navel orange, ginger

Red Summer — P210

Red apple, baby carrots, orange, beets


Matcha Milkshake — P180

Strawberry Milkshake — P180

Oreo Milkshake — P180

Chocolate Milkshake — P180


Golde Special Blend — P400/250g bag

Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo — P700/250g bag

Single Origin Benguet Atok — P400/250g bag

Single Origin Guatemala Antigua — P500/250g bag