Layered beef nachos   P210
Beef guisado, annatto cheese sauce, beans, tomato, onion

Inihaw na mais (Elote)   P65
Grilled corn, calamansi sour cream, grated cured egg, calamansi

Pulled ox balbacua salad   P115
Radish, red beet, onion, atchara, corn, tomato, calamansi barbeque dressing

Chili con carne dirty fries   P125
Potato fries, chili con carne, annatto cheese sauce, mex salsa, garlic sour cream

Fried chicken wings   P130
Taco-seasoned gravy


Tres queso   P150
Sharp cheddar, mozzarella, emmental

Chicken inihaw   P170
Chicken breast, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, emmental

Beef guisado   P195
Ground round beef, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, emmental


Sisig   P99
Crispy pork belly, pork rind, chili leaves, onion, atchara, pipino, cured egg

Tilapia fish rebusado   P140
Fried battered tilapia fish, garlic sour cream, red radish, red cabbage, tomato, spring onion

Tenderloin steak taco   P150
Grilled tenderloin, tomato, red beet, raw white onion, Tadeo salsa verde

Pork adobado   P120
Pulled pork adobada, spring onion, singkamas, raw white onion, garlic sour cream, beets, monggo herb


Steak rice and frites   P275
Tenderloin steak, rice, crsipy fries

Sinigang   P230
Crispy pork, eggplant, tomato, kangkong, sinigang rice

Inasal   P240
Chicken inasal, tomato, annatto Mex rice

Binagoongan   P240
Crispy pork, eggplant, tomato, bagoong rice

Sisig   P210
Pork sisig, pork chicharon, pickled onion, sisig rice


Pork sisig   P180
Onion, chili leaves, grated cured egg

tadeo fil-mex eats

Pollo inasal   P175
Sinamak, leeks and onion ensalada, atsuete oil, soy sauce, vegetable atchara


Mango crepe enchiladas   P120
Ripe mango, muscovado-laced cookie, dos leches

Taho!!!   P90
Charcoal-grilled tortilla milk pana cotta, tapioca, caramelized sugar syrup