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Utilitarian brand Ware Co reinvents the everyday tote

Utilitarian brand Ware Co reinvents the everyday tote

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“Ware Co is my continuous investigation and research on materials, and how their usage adapts to and relates with their user’s surroundings and personality,” says Therese Regalado, owner and founder of the tote label. What started as an experiment with the reverse Shibori dyeing technique had piqued her curiosity. Soon, she was creating tote bags from the patterns themselves. Regalado admits, “I’m interested in mixing materials and seeing their cumulative results, which can also be functional.” Her bags fulfill a simple objective, one that stems from a need that users may not have realized at first. Ware Co’s line of see-through mesh totes, for example, was developed because she found it difficult to find her keys in most bags. 

The brand’s latest line of totes will be even more adaptable to the user’s preference, as they come in varied sizes, with adjustable strap lengths and hidden pockets. The canvas totes are the ideal no-frills go-to bag filled with a variety of pockets on the outside and an inconspicuous zipper slit at the back. The size roughly fits all laptop sizes, including iPads and MacBook Airs.

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