Fill up those empty walls with DIY wall hangings

Who knew yarn could make a space look better?

Apr 10, 2018 |


Twine or yarn

Wooden dowel, cut to size

Gold or copper bracelets or hoops

Hard cardboard about 12-14 inches long



  1. Fold a piece of yarn or twine to make a loop, and put the loop through the bottom of the bracelet or hoop.
  2. Take the loose ends of the string and pull through the hoop, knotting securely on the bracelet.
  3. Take both ends and knot each on opposite ends of the dowel.
  4. To make the tassels, wrap twine around the cardboard about 10 times (the more you wrap the thicker the tassel). Cut the twine on one end so you have a bundle folded at the top.
  5. Form a loop with your bundle and starting at the center of the dowel, knot the same way you did in step one, taking all the loose ends through the loop and pulling them neatly.
  6. ontinue to add tassels until the dowel is filled with them to each end with half an inch or so to spare.
  7. Cut the tassels to form a V-shape.

Note: You can use different colors of twine or yarn or mix different types of string in a single hanging.

This story was originally published in Northern Living, March 2016.

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