Aug 9, 2019

Softness meets rigidity in Celine Mallari and Jao San Pedro’s fashion presentation, Cariño Brutal. The event’s title is a Spanish-Filipino term that refers to “tough love”, and showcases the intersecting concepts that the designers aim to highlight.

The fashion showcase will feature Celine Mallari’s brand Di-Sastre, which draws inspiration from Romantic industrialism. Di-Sastre’s pieces utilize natural fibers and dyes for their clothing, while minimizing fabric waste during production.

Jao San Pedro’s Ihulma, meanwhile, explores Brutalist deconstruction. The collection utilizes discarded and second-hand suits and men’s shirts, using deconstructed pieces to produce new clothing.

Aside from showcasing Mallari and San Pedro’s work together, Cariño Brutal will also be selling and opening pre-orders for pieces from the clothing collection. A retail space in collaboration with 98B’s Saturday x Future Market will also be featuring pieces from Glorious Dias, Denuo, Salad Day, and many more.

After the presentation, there will be DJ sets from Duality, Local Sun, babyikea, Salad Day, Isola Rosa, Roman Ramos, and Derek Tumala.

Cariño Brutal will be happening on August 10, at the HUB: Make Lab. The market will open at 11 a.m., the presentation proper will begin at 4 p.m., and the music will begin at 5:30 p.m.


Header photos courtesy of Celine Mallari and Jao San Pedro

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