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Done with Dalgona? Whip out these other coffee drinks instead

Done with Dalgona? Whip out these other coffee drinks instead

dalgona coffee alternatives

After going viral on Tiktok, the Dalgona trend has taken over the do-it-yourself coffee scene for the past month. It’s pretty to look at and easy to make—all you need to whip up this frothy cup of joe are milk, hot water and instant coffee. 

But Dalgona coffee isn’t the only fancy caffeinated drink you can make at home with readily-available ingredients. If you’re done riding the Dalgona trend, here are some more coffee treats you can try.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Coffee… and egg? Trust us when we say that it works. For the Vietnamese, who have been enjoying this coffee-with-a-twist for ages, it is known as Cà Phê Trung, a kind of liquid version of tiramisu. 

Complementing the dark roast coffee is the sweetened egg cream, giving Cà Phê Trung a balanced bittersweet taste. Aside from dark roast coffee and egg yolk, you need sweetened condensed milk, sugar and boiling water—plus vanilla but that’s optional. Although Cà Phê Trung is often made using Vietnamese coffee filters, you can also brew the coffee using your moka pot, espresso machine or French press.

Melange Coffee

If the layered look of Dalgona coffee was among the reasons why you tried making it at least once, you might want to try this Viennese beverage, which is a specialty blend of coffee and milk. 

Although it is usually compared to cappuccino, other coffee drinkers also consider it as a relative of the latte. Traditional melange coffee often uses a shot or two of espresso, cold milk and vanilla ice cream, but you can also try this version which uses cold coffee, hot milk and honey. For added flavor, you can also sprinkle cocoa or cinnamon on top.

Easy Cold Brew

If you’d rather keep it simple, making a glass of cold brew is a great option. With just two ingredients (ground coffee and water), you’ll have no problems braving through the day after getting your caffeine fix from this easy recipe. 

However, making cold brew requires you to prepare it ahead of time—you have to refrigerate it at least overnight. The wait is worth it though, especially once it gives you the energy boost you need for the day.

You can also spice this up for the ‘gram by adding milk and watching the streaks of white cascade down the sides of your glass as you pour. Coffee fans can relate to this satisfying aesthetic.

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe

This frothy iced coffee treat is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, and it also has a really high caffeine content. Salted caramel mocha frappe contains a blend of so many different flavors in just one cup, making it an all-in-one-treat for coffee lovers.

To make this drink, first prepare the salted caramel sauce which is made up of sugar, water, heavy cream, unsalted butter and kosher salt. After that, mix cold milk, ice, cocoa powder, sugar, brewed ground coffee and the salted caramel sauce. Make sure to save a portion of the latter though, because you’ll need it to drizzle over the whipped cream.


Header photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

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