Jul 9, 2020

As the country shifts to distance learning, the Knowledge Channel is offering ready-to-share video lessons for students to the government. These video lessons are all based on the K-12 curriculum by the Department of Education (DepEd).

21 years of hard work and experience has prepared us to take on the challenge of educating Filipino children through…

Posted by Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

According to Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) director for operations Edric Calma, the channel has developed video content for 50 percent of the essential learning competencies that DepEd requires to be taught for the school year. If given the opportunity, KCFI can develop the remaining 50 percent easily.

Calma added that math and science subjects involve understanding processes, which need to be visually illustrated for kids to understand. Multimedia resources broadcast on television can be used in order to effectively teach students lessons from these subjects.

Additionally, the Knowledge Channel’s video lessons may reach 7.6 million students, which is a significant portion of the 28 million students expected to enroll for the upcoming school year.

National Council for Children’s Television council member Alice Panares previously suggested tapping the Knowledge Channel for the distance learning program. However, the channel is currently off the air as part of the cease-and-desist order issued to ABS-CBN by the National Telecommunications Commission.

It was also available through SKYcable, SKYdirect and other cable and direct to home satellite television providers. The channel was also available on ABS-CBN TVplus before it was forced to shut down.


Header photo courtesy of Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.

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