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How florists keep flowers fresh longer

How florists keep flowers fresh longer


Flowers say what the mouth can’t tell and what words can’t describe. A bouquet of flowers can brighten even the darkest room as much as it can put a smile on anyone’s face. Although flowers may perish, there are techniques to keep it fresh longer.

We joined The Spring Collective’s basic floral arrangement workshop, where we got tips on how to keep floral arrangements last longer.

You can reveal carnation’s full bloom by pinching below the receptacle and gently brushing the petals with your thumb.

Start fresh
The best way to extend the life of flowers is to choose fresh flowers. When buying flowers, make sure that the stem is a healthy green and has no blemishes. Try shaking the flowers gently to check the petals, which should remain intact. Flowers should not exhibit signs of wilting and discoloration as well. You may also opt to buy flowers that are still halfway open. With this strategy, the flowers will fully bloom once they have been arranged.

Prepare the flowers properly

This short round arrangement uses a floral foam to keep every element in place.

According to the group, always cut the stem at a 45 degree angle and the flowers should be placed in water right away. Cutting the stem at that angle helps in the water uptake of the flowers. Also, adding flower food will give flower the nutrients they need to remain fresh.
If you’re sticking the stems to a floral foam, make sure that the foam has been soaked well before proceeding to the arrangement. The water you should use for soaking should also be infused with flower food.

Maintain well
Floral arrangement does not stop at the arrangement itself. Instead, you have to work hard to keep it beautiful. If you’re keeping flowers in a vase with water, change the water every day with clean, flower food-infused water. 

Floral arrangements should not be strictly composed of flowers only. You can use succulents and berries.

Also, don’t wet the flowers or expose it to direct sunlight. Harsh sunlight will exhaust the stored energy of the flowers causing it to wilt faster.

Additional tip: When buying flowers, always start with the large or the main flowers of your arrangement. Then, you can decide on the smaller ones after. Also, don’t underestimate the power of foliage. Their sturdy stems provide a good support system for the flowers.



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