Jun 30, 2017

Tis’ the season to stay in and cuddle. While the rain pours in walls outside, it’s easy to become lethargic indoors and sleep the day away. For most of us, the gloomy weather is another reason to set back the alarm another hour or to forego that morning run for a few more hours of being under the blanket. And it’s hard to deny that our bodies go on hibernation mode once the cold hits.

So, here are some tips on how to keep fit, with all the realistic expectations of the sleep-inducing weather.

1. Warm up

Yes, take that extra 30 minutes of slumber. Your overworked body needs the rest. But before you go towards the kitchen to cook that silog you’ve been craving all week, get your body warmed up. A quick workout from 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast kickstarts the metabolism from its rested state. And it doesn’t have to be an intense HIIT or cardio exercise, a steady yoga flow or pilates series will do.

2. Go black (or green)

Take your coffee black. Apart from getting the full effects of caffeine (focus) and its anti-oxidant qualities, your cup of joe helps burn fat and increase the metabolic rate of your body, much like green tea. So sans the milk and sweeteners, a pure cup of coffee or green tea does so much more good than its sickly sweet counterparts.

3. Choose holistically

As tempting it is to regress into the lure of fast food, choose better. Go for balanced meals that will keep you feeling full. Choose meat and veggies over that McDo burger, even if it is from your local carinderia. You don’t need expensive chia seeds in your diet. Incorporating more fruits for breakfast already helps with your required fiber and nutrient content for the day.

4. Shake it up

While some people will lean towards shakes for breakfast then eat full meals for brunch, most of us will die without our morning servings of carbs and protein. Start by incorporating a shake everyday with the veggies and fruits in your fridge. Replace that sugary donut or oily kwek kwek for merienda with a shake. Remember though, skip the sugar and go for honey instead. Protein options include peanut butter or even a full egg, instead of pricey protein shakes, while incorporating yogurt or turmeric water increases its wellness properties.

5. Live without refined carbs

Be suspicious of white carbs, from rice to bread. Go instead for whole wheat options that use little no zero sugar. Even when choosing desserts, ignore pre-packed sweets and snacks that will stay in your stomach longer and have a higher sugar content. Hungry? Grab fruits instead or taho from your friendly neighborhood manglalako.

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