Jul 4, 2017

While figs are more commonly known to grow in colder climates, Palawan seems to have been fortunate enough to grow a local species of the fruit in its tropical conditions. In a post by Gina Lopez, she showcases the discovery and the huge potential in the agricultural industry.

figs in the ph

With Governor Pepito Alvarez, Gina Lopez is toured around the greenhouse of fig trees. Gov. Alvarez also points out that the fertilizer used is 100% organic and natural, making no use of chemicals whatsoever.

figs in the ph

The fertilizer produced in Malaysia can also be produced locally. He boasts of its effects on the plants with most already reaching as high as the greenhouse’s ceiling.

figs in the ph

Figs are high in potassium, a mineral that helps lower high blood pressure. And because it is a rich source in dietary finer, figs have been known as a sweet way to lose weight and can be used as a natural sweetener, while its edible leaves are good for diabetics for its insulin-lowering properties.

figs in the ph

While figs can be expensive to produce, its growth in the Philippines is an exciting venture for agriculture. Soon, we’ll have figs around the country and for export as well.

Photographs taken from Gina Lopez’s Facebook page

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