Don’t lose track of time again with this DIY clock

Make this your weekend project

Mar 19, 2018 |


Clock parts

Sheet of thin wood

Two blocks of wood

Hand saw

Ruler and pencil

Drill or nail and hammer

Wood varnish (optional)

Wood glue

Sand paper


  1. Decide on the preferred size of the triangular clock face, making it big enough so the edge of the long hand doesn’t protrude too much or at all from the face of the clock.

  2. After making the triangle shape on the sheet of wood, cut out the shape using a saw.

  3. The blocks of wood should be more or less the same width as the base of the triangle.

  4. Position your triangle in between the blocks of wood, and mark a hole at the center, ensuring that the long hand, once attached, doesn’t hit the front block when it points downward.

  5. Drill or hammer in the hole.

  6. Sand all pieces of wood if needed, and varnish (optional).

  7. Attach the clock parts to the triangle, securing the long and short hands in front.

  8. Glue the triangle in between the two blocks of wood.

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