Oct 17, 2017

If professional architects plan and design kennels for our dogs, our furry friends won’t surely have ruff days anymore. (No one can stop me from making dog puns.)

In the United Kingdom, pet charity Blue Cross for Pets is bringing architects, designers, and artists together for BowWow Haus London, a campaign where they’ll be designing unique dog houses. These abodes will be displayed all around London before they get auctioned at a gala next year. This drive is for the 40,000 sick, injured, and homeless pets rescued by the charity every year.

Among the growing list of 80 professionals, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is the latest addition. ZHA’s design “Cloud” is a sleek, cocoon-like wooden abode attached to a pedestal made from CNC milled plywood (a manufacturing process using a computer-controlled machine). This slight elevation from the ground will keep dogs warm, away from the cold surface.

nolisoli dog house
The “Cloud” looks pretty chic. Photo courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

Proceeds from the gala will go to the refurbishment of Blue Cross’ rehoming facility in Kimpton, England. They will also be for the Outdoor Arts Foundation and its community art projects around the world.

If you’re feeling a bit extra and want to treat your dogs, scroll down for more designs from international architects. You might get inspired by these:


Bark-alona Pavilion by Jia-hao Syu, Design Haus Liberty

nolisoli dog house


Shiguru Foo-foo Pavillion by Jia-hao Syu, Design Haus Liberty

nolisoli dog house


BowWow Basil by Russian for Fish

nolisoli dogs house


Shiro Studio

nolisoli dog house


Natalie Guy

nolisoli dogs house
Inu-Goya by Brian O’Tuama Architects

nolisoli dogs house

AHA Design

nolisoli dogs house


Studio Show

nolisoli dogs house


Header image courtesy of Bluecross.org.uk

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