Aug 26, 2017

The first iteration of dog collars was about luxury and status. Created during the time of Egyptian pharaohs, collars used to be a display of nobility for the family as much as it was a mark of ownership of a dog. Then the Renaissance brought about families who could and desired to personalize and beautify their pets. The variation of materials used in designs grew: leather, padlocks, silver, brass, and gold became the norm for making dog collars.

Over time, the luxury and beauty of this canine accessory became overshadowed by its utility. Most dog owners today purchase collars exclusively for identification and control of their pets, resulting in limited and impersonal design options.

Dissatisfied by this lack of variation, pet lover Will Mueco decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. He founded Seargent and Major Accessories (SAM), where he offers custom-made collars for pets. He bases his designs on each animal’s particular personality and makes sure that each product is safe and comfortable for their use.

SAM Accessories are made of soft leather sourced from Marikina, decorated with non-tarnishing small hardware. Being a feline owner himself, Mueco also designs collars for cats. Following the former tradition of the accessory, no two collars from SAM Accessories are the same. Each design is a statement of your furry companion’s personality and luxury.


For orders, check their Instagram or contact 0917-7167744.

This story originally appeared in Northern Living, August 2017.

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