Feb 20, 2018

As a self-proclaimed bullet journal junkie, it’s my personal mission to find the perfect notebook. I do realize a lot of it has to do with personal preference. Some people like dotted notebooks, others plain, or lined, or squared. Budgets also need to be taken into consideration.

Lucky for you guys, I’ve tried out some cult favorites and lowkey contenders. You’re welcome.


This one’s a cult classic for its size, format, and paper thickness. The same company produces Ryder Carroll’s trademarked bullet journal so you know it’s legit. Pages are numbered and you’ve got an index at the front.

Available at National Book Store.


Rhodia Webnotebook

This was my first bullet journal notebook and I absolutely loved it. The paper is quite thick, so you’re in the clear of any bleeding. It’s also quite easy to find at bookstores and art shops. For artists, their sketchbooks are to die for.

Available at National Book Store and Noteworthy.


Moleskine notebooks run with the rep of great artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. There are many designs and colors to choose from, and some bookstores offer engraving services upon purchase. The paper, however, is thinner so you’ll find your pens ghosting and bleeding more.

Available at Fully Booked and Noteworthy.


It’s cheap, minimalist, and embodies the Japanese mindset of less is more. You can choose from several sizes ranging from B6 to A4. If you’re into a more structured bullet journal, MUJI has dateless planners so you can start any time of the year.


Victoria’s Journals

Victoria’s Journals is a cheaper and more colorful alternative to leatherbound journals. It doesn’t scrimp on paper quality either. This one’s for those who don’t mind bullet journaling on lined paper. But if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a dotted A5 in the journal section of any bookstore.

Available at National Book Store.

Header photos courtesy of Unsplash.

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