Jan 11, 2017

In Acca Kappa, the hair brush takes the spotlight as a historic piece developed through collaborations with industry professionals: men and women we trust to tuck, trim, and cut that most important of accessory, our mane.

Since 1896, H. Crull & C. has produced a line of renowned quality brushes ergonomically designed to ease the untangling of unruly locks. Its creations range from simple combs to styling brushes designed for professionals. Part of this professional line is the pneumatic brush made of Kotibe wood and heat resistant pins that massages the scalp improving circulation, while its rubber cushion absorbs and distributes pressure evenly for a gentle brushing action.

For the harried populace who rely on quick fixes and on-the-go solutions, one hundred brush strokes seem too daunting a task to complete, leaving the hair brush a neglected tool. But there is comfort in the hypnotic motion of bristles untangling locks that evoke memories of afternoon siestas spent on a mother’s lap: the gentle caress of fingers calming boisterous children to sleep. This time, however, instead of a refreshing snooze, one gets a healthy scalp and a shiny, tamed mane.

This story was originally published in Southern Living, February 2016.

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