Mar 23, 2018

It’s crucial to keep your dog hydrated and comfortable when temperatures rise. These past couple of years, Philippine summers have become intense, scorching, and worst of all, humid. So imagine wearing a fur coat all day long here in the fine and sunny metro. Imagine not having any sweat glands besides your palms, feet, and tongue. That’s how a dog feels.

Ever heard of overheating? No, I’m not talking about household appliances left plugged for too long—though, in hindsight, you better check on that. I’m talking about your own precious pooch. It’s essentially a heatstroke. And take my word for it, dogs are highly susceptible to collapsing due to the hot summer climate, particularly if you’ve got furry breeds or short, squishy-snouted dogs.

Avoid walking or exercising your dog when it’s too hot outside

Your pets can pass out, and in horrible—and frequent—cases, they can die if they get overexerted or overexposed to sizzling temperatures. The heat from the road can also damage and wound their paws. Maybe go on walks around late afternoon or in the evening when it’s colder out. And don’t skip on the dog booties.

Air-conditioning saves lives. If not, an electric fan—or two—works, too.

I myself own a chow chow, and at home, we find him way more hot-headed—pun intended—in the summer. But the moment he hears the sound of the A/C unit switching on, he calms down a little. He also enjoys his army of floor fans pointing at him from different directions.

Bathe them more frequently.

My dogs regularly bathe twice a week, but in the unbearable summer, we take it up to even three times a week. It’s also a great way to keep the swimming pool in use. If you find a dog-friendly beach resort, that’s a great place to chill, literally.

Time for a breezy haircut.

Just tell your groomers to give your pet a summer cut. It’s shorter than a puppy cut but without rendering your pet completely bald. Think of it like a buzz cut but for dogs.

Cool down with an insulated coat or mat.

You can find these at most pet depot stores. It’s a cooling fabric that activates when soaked in water. They come either invest or mat form, depending on the size of your dog.

Hydrate with ice water.

You wouldn’t drink lukewarm water in the summer, and neither should your dogs. Add some ice to their water bottle or bowl and refill it every so often. Make sure your dog stays hydrated and check on their water intake.

Make pupsicles—icicles but for your dog.

These are human- and animal-friendly frozen treats you can make with an ice cube tray and ingredients already in your fridge. Just avoid ingredients that are hazardous to dogs. Sugar-free frozen yogurt also works—your dogs will benefit from the probiotics, too.

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