Apr 5, 2018

In today’s social media-obsessed world, finding the next Instagrammable spot has become a sort of arms race.

But it’s no longer just the aspiring influencers who are going the distance for the ‘Gram—businesses have discovered just how much demand there is for picturesque locations, and they’ve begun to tap into these profitable trends.

Take for example Rabbit Town, the museum in Bandung, Indonesia that has taken the liberty of calling themselves a “selfie tourism” destination. So grab your smartphone and selfie stick (or alternatively, your Instagram boyfriend) because this museum has plenty of cute art installations that’d make the perfect backdrop or prop for your next post.

nolisoli bn feature rabbit town museum indonesia
Image from rabbittown.id on Instagram.

What? You came here to appreciate the artist’s work and not just use it for a photo-op?

Well, unfortunately for you, this museum pays no mind to honor artistry because they’re just blatantly ripping off the work of some prominent artists and institutions.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of visiting a Yayoi Kusama exhibit? Well, Rabbit Town has the Patrico Sticker Room, their own version of the Obliteration Room: an all-white room, complete with furniture, where guests can “obliterate” the space with colorful circular stickers.

nolisoli bn feature rabbit town museum indonesia
Rabbit Town’s Patrico Sticker Room. Image from rabbittown.id on Instagram.

They’ve also recreated the LACMA’s iconic Urban Lights by Chris Burden, which they’ve named Love Light. It’s a popular OOTD spot.

A replica of Chris Burden’s Urban Lights.

As well as a variety of installations from the Museum of Ice Cream.

nolisoli bn feature rabbit town museum indonesia
Rabbit Town’s pink-yellow banana installation on the left vs. the Museum of Ice Cream’s yellow-pink on the right.

Spot the difference.

nolisoli bn feature rabbit town museum indonesia
Photo from rabbittown.id on Instagram.
nolisoli bn feature rabbit town museum indonesia
Photo from museumoficecream on Instagram.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with creating art meant for social media consumption—save for the chagrin of some highbrow art people. But the Rabbit Museum won’t seem to admit that they’ve plagiarized others’ work, even going as far as disabling comments on their Instagram to silence the people calling them out. They’re taking the ‘shameless selfie spot’ to a whole new level.

Is there a tasteful way of doing ‘selfie tourism?’ In my opinion, yes, there is: Be original about it. And at the very least, make the food visually appealing for a #foodporn shot.

What do you think of selfie tourism? Tell us in the comments down below.


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