Aug 14, 2018

In a post on their official Facebook page, Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal broke the news about how thieves broke into their premises and stole at least nine endangered species of animals.

These include three mature red-footed tortoises, a mature yellow-footed tortoise, a mature common snapping turtle, three mature black palm cockatoos, and one juvenile brown tufted Capuchin monkey all part of Avilon’s Wild Care Conservation breeding program.

Red-footed tortoise. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
yellow-footed tortoise
Yellow-footed tortoise. Photo courtesy of
snapping turtle
Common snapping turtle. Photo courtesy of
Black Palm Cockatoos. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia
Black Palm Cockatoos. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia
Brown Tufted Capuchin monkey.
Brown Tufted Capuchin monkey. Photo courtesy of Monaco Nature Encyclopedia

They have put up a post with a number to contact if anyone sees any of these animals around.

Earlier in June, Avilon also posted on Facebook warning about alleged illegal animal sellers who are pretending to be associated with the zoo.


More on this developing story soon.

Photo courtesy of Avilon Zoo Facebook page

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