Jan 17, 2019

Just when you thought you’ve finished all those holiday leftovers, let me be the first to remind you that the New Year celebrations aren’t over yet.

Happening on Feb. 5 is Chinese New Year, one of the most commemorated festivals in the Chinese-Filipino community. The festivities taking place in a lot of establishments make it impossible for you not to join in, whether it’s eating Chinese food or watching a dragon and lion dance performance. But here’s a different way to welcome the Year of the Pig.

You can catch six acclaimed titles from the Chinese film industry at the 13th Spring Film Festival. It’s happening from Jan. 30 to Feb. 5 at the new Red Carpet at Shangri-La Plaza. Tickets are free of charge. Here’s a preview of the film lineup:

I Belonged To You (2016)

This 30th Tokyo International Film Festival Best Film winner follows the intersecting lives of a radio host and his young intern as they find love in the big city. 

Lost in White (2016)

When a dead body is pulled out of an icy river, detectives Zhou Peng and Wang Hao must get to the bottom of the mystery. Little do they know that they’re about to descend into a spiral of intrigue and violence.

Detective Chinatown (2015)

A police college reject teams up with a distant relative to solve a murder case. Brimming with absurdity and humor, the movie takes viewers through a wild tour of Bangkok, filled with zany characters and cheeky one-liners.

The Third Way of Love (2015)

This film tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers: sharp and mysterious heir Lin Qi Zheng and ambitious, intelligent lawyer Zhou Yu. Played by two powerhouse movie stars—Song Seung-Heon and Liu Yifei (who will be playing in the title role of Disney’s upcoming Mulan), this lighthearted romance was one of 2015’s most popular Chinese films.

A Tale of Three Cities (2015)

This film is a romantic period piece about the lives of Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, parents of Jackie Chan. After meeting in China during the war, falling in love, then getting separated by the turmoil, they must find their way back together again.

Other Chinese New Year activities such as a painting exhibit (Jan. 30 to Feb. 5), a music concert (Feb. 2), and a painting workshop (Feb. 3) will also take place at the same venue.

Check out Shangri-la Plaza’s Facebook page for more information.


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