Feb 23, 2019

“Are our children prepared to think and focus for success in 21st century life?” Whether we’re handling a three-year-old or a 13-year-old, this question posed in The Power of Prime by psychologist and author Jim Taylor should keep us pondering every time we find ourselves struggling to learn something new.

We are at the time when technology is emerging at its fastest pace: Artificial intelligence is evolving; touch commerce is leading the markets; careers are diversifying; and cars are driving themselves. New information is going to keep bombarding not only us, adults, but our children as well.

Smart watches are one of the latest technological developments which are slowly being integrated into everyday use. Photo courtesy of Unsplash

While the advancement benefits us in many ways, it also opens up challenges to our children’s future, including how they will gain employment, says Andy Puttock, Director of Education at Nord Anglia Education (NAE), world’s leading premium schools organization. “The jobs of tomorrow will be very different to the ones we have today.” To help children keep up, schools should gradually introduce them to the advancements in a way that won’t overwhelm them.

Educators at NAE suggest that students should be provided with personalized learning experiences where machine and human intelligence use are maximized. As part of their teaching process, NAE teachers tailor their approach to suit the students’ interest in particular fields (which can be cultural, environmental, athletic, and artistic, among others). It would cultivate both hard and soft skill sets, they said.

NAE students attend a STEAM conference at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts


Established in the UK in 1972, NAE has employed this teaching process to over 53,000 students in 56 schools across 27 countries. NAE has exclusive collaborations with leading organizations like JuilliardMIT, King’s College London and UNICEF to give their students global exposure and opportunities.

NAE schools are found in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia, including the Philippines. They are offering pre-school to high school education. Find out more about them at www.nordangliaeducation.com.


Header image shows students participating in NAE- Juilliard Summer Programme held in New York, Shanghai, and Geneva. Photo courtesy of Nord Anglia Education.

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