Jun 19, 2020

Whenever something upsetting about the state of the country’s affairs happens, some people ask, “If Rizal was on the internet, what would he say?”

But we don’t have to wonder after all, because he is on the internet now—at least his life is, through the various films and documentaries that have been published and can now be streamed about his life, work and beliefs. Take, for example, the 1998 film “Jose Rizal” directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya which many of us have probably watched. Movies like “Rizal sa Dapitan” in 1997 and documentaries like “Jose Rizal: The first hero” in 2012 have also offered different views and angles about the hero’s life.

This June 19 marks the hero’s 159th birth anniversary, and in a time where our words are withheld and our freedom is threatened, his life and works become more relevant and relatable than ever. Here are some documentaries that tackle his contribution to the country’s independence which you can also stream online right now.

Bayaning 3rd World

If you’re looking for a humorous narration of Rizal’s heroism, this Mike de Leon-directed satirical documentary film “Bayaning 3rd World” might suit your taste. Chronicling the adventure of two filmmakers who wanted to seek the truth behind Rizal’s heroism before turning his life into a movie, “Bayaning 3rd World” features fictional interviews with notable figures in the hero’s life—including his mother, siblings, Josephine Bracken, the Jesuit priest Vicente Balaguer and even Rizal himself.

Watch it on iflix.

JOSÉ RIZAL: Sa Landas ng Paglaya

This short film commissioned by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines aims to serve as either an introduction or refresher to millennials about Rizal and his life and works by presenting different views and reflections on the hero’s contributions in our history.

Watch it on YouTube.

Pluma: Si Rizal, ang dakilang manunulat

Released in 2012 as a commemoration of his 150th birth anniversary, the documentary drama emphasized the life of Rizal as a writer by tackling the stages of his story through his writings, especially the key situations that he faced as a nationalist. Narrated by journalist Howie Severino, “Pluma” gained international recognition and was a finalist in the 2012 New York Festivals.

Watch it on YouTube.


Header photo from Inquirer.net

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