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2021’s first original theater show is Tanghalang Ateneo’s reimagined Oedipus Rex

2021’s first original theater show is Tanghalang Ateneo’s reimagined Oedipus Rex

  • “Password: 03d1pu5_r3x” is yet another Tanghalang Ateneo production that offers haunting relevance to current times
Password: 03d1pu5_r3x

The pandemic posed a great challenge to the theater scene by halting all events that involved live audiences, but just like other sectors, it adapted to the situation by bringing its operations online. Most theater companies offered archival footage of past productions, while some managed to introduce new plays in 2020. 

Since the situation hasn’t changed, theater productions will probably continue to be staged on digital platforms this year—but that’s no problem. Local theater companies like Tanghalang Ateneo are prepared to brave through yet another year of staging productions online; in fact, it’s already starting with its first original theater show for 2021.

For its 42nd year, Tanghalang Ateneo takes on the theme of “Pagbabanyuhay: Bagong Anyo ng Buhay” and its first offering is “Password: 03d1pu5_r3x”, an original “theater” show with haunting relevance to current times.

“Password: 03d1pu5_r3x” is a reimagination of the Greek tragedy “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles, which was translated into Filipino by Rolando S. Tinio. Its story revolves around Edipo, a president who faces an unavoidably gruesome fate.

Directed by Ronan B. Capinding, “Password: 03d1pu5_r3x” will star Miren Alvarez-Fabregas, Katski Flores, Gabe Mercado, Marian Rivera-Dantes, Marlon Rivera, Yan Yuzon and the Tanghalang Ateneo ensemble.

It will be exclusively streamed online on ticket2me’s website on February 22, 25 and 27, with tickets available starting today for P150 (general admission) and P250 (general admission with souvenir program) here. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.