Keep your makeup organized with this DIY organizer

A storage and prepping station that’s easy on the eyes

Jan 12, 2018 |


Block of wood (cleaned and polished)
Round mirror about 1/4 inch thick, 8 1/2” diameter
Table saw
Epoxy glue or construction adhesive


  1. You can take the block of wood to a local carpentry or welding shop and have the wood quickly sawed and drilled if you don’t have power tools at home.
  2. Saw a groove in the back half of the block to accommodate the mirror. The saw needs to be positioned at an angle, and make sure not to saw all the way through the block.
  3. Drill holes of various sizes on the opposite sides of the front end of the block for storing accessories, and makeup products. Make sure not to drill the holes too close to the groove for the mirror.
  4. You can keep the mirror in place in the slot using glue. You can keep the mirror in place in the slot using glue.

Note: Use caution when working with power tools. Inspired by the DIY in The Merrythought

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