officine universelle buly philippines greenbelt 3
First look at the newly opened Officine Universelle Buly at Greenbelt 3

The historied French perfumer’s first Philippine store in Makati is bathed in celadon, antique woodwork, and exotic woods Versailles parquet

man skincare face
Yes, you still need to wear sunscreen indoors—to protect you from your screens

Apart from harmful UV rays, it seems we have to protect our skin from the light of our screens

The next ‘it’ skincare ingredient could be antioxidant-rich mango leaves

It turns out the golden fruit’s leaves have natural anti-aging and whitening properties that can rival mainstream skincare ingredients like ascorbic acid

Fragrance TikTok perfume tiktok header nolisoliph
Even with masks on, fragrance TikTok will convince you to wear perfume anyway

Surviving quarantine (in the mental and emotional aspect) is all about finding what brings you joy. Fragrance TikTok has a lot of that

Expired makeup gets ‘second life’ at funeral parlors

Consider taking your foundation, pressed powder and lipstick that are past their expiry date to morticians next time

How to take care of your skin after a good, long cry

Here’s the thing: Living through major changes hasn’t been kind to my mental health and…

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10 resin crafters that will dress up your space (and your outfits)

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akkula plantable lip balm
Finished using this lip balm? Plant it in your garden next

We love cosmetics and skincare—we really do. But our zero waste advocate selves aren’t very…