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These 5 eco-friendly perfume brands will help you feel normal again

These 5 eco-friendly perfume brands will help you feel normal again


A few weeks into the lockdown, I began putting on perfume before I faced the day—just to get a sense of normalcy. It didn’t really matter that no one else around me was going to smell it, what with me steering clear from gatherings and everyone outside was going to have masks on anyway, but it made me feel a little better. 

Turns out there’s a scientific reason as to why perfumes make people feel a lot better—scents can trigger emotions that they’re linked with.

“Scents have a very special capability of immediately triggering emotion because of where they are processed in the brain,” Dr. Rachel Herz, a professor and neuroscientist at Brown University explains. “As soon as we smell something, our amygdala, where emotion and emotional memory is processed, is activated before any other part of the brain, so you get an instant initiation of an emotional response.” 

So if you’re looking for fresh scents that remind you of the outside world, here are local brands to check out. The best part about these is that they’re eco-friendly, too.


Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest

Instead of mourning over all the traveling you can’t do now, why not look back at all of the memories you’ve made from your past trips? Wiji Lacsamana’s Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest makes that possible, as they make limited hand-crafted fragrances inspired by memories and music.


Lumiere Organiceutical

Established in 2012, Lumiere Organiceuticals produces perfumes remind its wearers of walks in the garden and days at the beach—thanks to notes of sandalwood, sea salt, cardamom and Damascus rose. Their products are made with botanical and Ayurvedic ingredients, meaning they can also help you destress.


Scentsmith Perfumery

If you’re looking for an everyday perfume made for you, there’s Scentsmith Perfumery. Their perfumes are made with natural raw materials, which is blended, compounded and packaged once a preferred scent is chosen.


Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions

Named after “kalikasan” and “likha,” this local initiative hopes to provide earth-friendly alternatives to everyday products. Their perfumes, named “Gandang Umaga” and “Madaling Araw,” are ginger-based and mixed with grapefruit scents.


Whiff Artisanal Fragrances

Whiff was established by Mishy Co after a trip to Grasse, France, Whiff hopes to promote Philippine perfumery through their products. Their store produces light scents made with freesia, patchouli, pear and nectarine notes.


Header photo courtesy of Whiff Artisanal Fragrances

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