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Five local online shops where you can buy room scents

Five local online shops where you can buy room scents

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There’s a thing called scentscaping. It’s the concept of diffusing a scent in a space to create an experience. For an optimum experience, scents should “resonate with other sensory cues including light, color, music, and texture,” according to Filipino natural perfumer Oscar Mejia III’s website. It involves strategically placing fragrance diffusers and an array of selectively assembled scents.

This is what attracts me to hotels and other high-end establishments aside from the exquisite interiors, their amazing scentscaping. I remember wishing for my room to be as fragrant as a hotel restroom I once went to. I got this fondness from my mom who DIYs her own room fresheners. Our home smelled like rosemary, lavender, and rose because she used to do her own potpourri (until my youngest brother became allergic to fragrances).

But if you don’t have all the time in the world to do stuff yourself, you can check these homegrown shops where you can get room fresheners.


Ysabel Home

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If you want your space to smell like Mango Papaya or White Tea and Ginger, get room sprays for an affordable price at Ysabel Home. Combine their classic vanilla with coffee to get the most out of the essences. Aside from room sprays and reed diffusers, they also sell accent pieces for your spaces like pillow covers, banners, and ceramic canisters.



Simoy ng Haraya

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Simoy ng Haraya’s scents are honestly and captivatingly named. If you’re a fan of how a bakery smells, they have Panaderia Room and Linen Spray. For those who are suckers for whiffs of freshly cut grass and morning dew, Hamog Spray is available. Amusingly, they also have Trono Poop Drop for deodorizing your restroom with just drops of this orange and eucalyptus oils mixture.



Favori Scents

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Leave it to Favori Scents to give you a relaxing time when you get home from a stressful workday. They have a wide array of scents to choose from whether in the form of aroma oils, candles, pouches, sprays, or reed diffusers. They also sell aroma devices to maximize your fresheners like aerators, burners, and diffusers.



Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances

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If you don’t know Oscar Mejia yet, you’ve probably thought he’s a damn good perfumer as I mentioned above. Having graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering and establishing a company that has a line of Eau de Toilette, two lines of colognes and one line for home fragrances, he knows what he’s doing. For room scents, he’s concocted Himbing Sleep Enhancing Pillow Mist and Room Spray and Sigla Energy Boosting Room Spray. Pick a certain spray for your mood.


Zen Zest

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Although not really an online shop because it has stalls in numerous malls now, you can also order online from Zen Zest. Established in 2001, it already has a number of fragrance collections. Aside from scents, they also provide room deodorizers like anti-tobacco, anti-mosquito, and one for kitchen cabinets.



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