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10 resin crafters that will dress up your space (and your outfits)

10 resin crafters that will dress up your space (and your outfits)


Cute cat videos aside, one of the things I love watching on TikTok are the artists making flower-pressed keychains and accessories using epoxy resins. With more and more people taking cues from tutorials on the internet, there’s no shortage of oddly calming content featuring artists pouring resin mixtures into molds and decorating it with glitter or pressed flowers.

While I won’t be finding myself hopping on the resin craft train anytime soon, there are online stores out there that will let me own the glossy and flowery resin accessories from my dreams.



Moonlight specializes in producing pendants and coasters decorated with glitter and pressed flowers, which you can mine through the comments section of their Instagram posts.

For people who want to pick up a new hobby, the shop also hosts resin art workshops—which come with a specially curated DIY kit and tips on how to start your own resin art business.

Studio Jilbi 

Studio Jilbi was established by Jill Baniqued, a Manila-based illustrator and motion/graphic designer. Their resin pieces combine floral aesthetics with functionality.

Their selection of pieces include ashtrays and catchall trays, all of which you can find at the Studio Jilbi website. You may need to wait a while before you can place an order, as all of their pieces are currently sold out.

Resin Star 

Resin Star specializes in making trinket dishes decorated with dried flowers—but if you want your piece to stand out, you can have them add a photo of a tarot card that speaks to you the most.

To get your hands on one of their pieces, customized or not, all you need to do is send a copy of their order form through their DMs.

Casa Isabel

For people who miss the outdoors, you can turn to Casa Isabel’s selection of coasters—which are inspired by beaches, blossoms, maple and Monstera leaves. 

They’ve got a list of their available pieces on their highlights, but you can always request for pieces that they’ve featured on their catalog before. Just get in touch with them through their Instagram.

Resins and Florals 

If you’re looking for Monstera leaf coasters in your favorite colors, there’s Resins and Florals. They’ve also got trinket dishes shaped like seashells and charcuterie boards decorated with your favorite colors.

You can always slide in their DMs if you want your pieces to come in a specific colorway, but they’re open for commissions too.

Play Home 

For people who have their eyes on a different part of the outdoors—like, say, the galaxies—there’s Play Home. Their selection of cake stands, tray sets and coasters are decorated with glitter and alcohol ink, made to look like starry skies or glimmering geodes.

You can always message them on Instagram on days when you feel like treating yourself, or for when you feel like giving your friends unique resin crafts on special occasions.



If you want to buy jewelry that goes towards a good cause, get pieces from Kathali. The shop was established by Alethea Intervalo, who began selling resin earrings decorated with glitter and dried flowers to help address her family’s financial needs

Playful Daisy PH

So, you have a bouquet from a special occasion and you want to keep them around for a little longer. No worries: All you have to do is fill out Playful Daisy PH’s order form, and mail them the flowers you want preserved in pendants or keychains.

Resin Radar 

But if you find yourself missing a specific flower, you can probably find one preserved in jewelry from Resin Radar. Their necklaces are decorated with roses, daisies, hydrangeas and Minoan lace flowers.

You can find their jewelry catalog on Instagram, but make sure to head on over to their Shopee page to get your hands on them.

Mui Makes

Although Mui Makes has jewelry decorated with dried flowers, they’ve also got resin pieces made to look like your favorite blooms—as seen in their latest collection, decorated with resin charms that resemble blue hydrangeas.

Header photos courtesy of Resin Star and Studio Jilbi

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