PGH is offering free swab tests, but only if you’re on this list

Qualified for the free swab test are PGH employees, their close contacts, charity patients and their watchers, as well as senior citizens and PWDs.

cdc covid-19
Here’s what we know about the new COVID-19 strains so far

Experts are keeping an eye on the new variants first detected in the United Kingdom and South Africa

makati med copper face masks
This may be why copper face masks aren’t allowed in Makati Med

What’s the deal with copper face masks, and is it actually different from regular ones?

No stricter measures yet despite new COVID-19 strain. Sounds familiar?

There is a temporary ban on flights from the United Kingdom being imposed in the country, but with the new strain spreading in other areas as well, is it enough?

how to decline in-person event invitation sf
I got an in-person event invitation. How do I politely say no?

Among the ways to gently refuse invitations from friends and relatives whose feelings you care about is by reminding them of the present health risks

Despite temporary cemetery closures, wakes and burials can push through

Despite the closure of cemeteries and memorial parks during Undas, wakes, burials and cremations will…

DTI is reopening internet cafes and review centers, just in time for the new school year

Despite the rising number of cases, the Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging…

Hospitals around the country are now at the “warning zone” level

As COVID-19 continues to rise, the Department of Health warned that the country’s health system…

Quarantine fatigue has me missing the most mundane things

On the hundredth day of community quarantine, I went out of the house for the…

False alarm: The police won’t be going door-to-door to check if there are COVID-19 cases

Earlier today, Malacañang clarified that they will not be conducting a house-to-house check for COVID-19…