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Intergenerational dialogue is at the heart of this new original Filipino musical

Intergenerational dialogue is at the heart of this new original Filipino musical

  • There’s as much to learn from the youth as there is from the adults, “Silver Lining” lining shows, through its intergenerational story

The differences between our ways of living and those of our parents may seem so stark. And if you’re a millennial like me, the same can be said between our generation and the ones after us. Most of the time, it can be challenging to get each other to see eye to eye. 

There have been (and continue to be) many instances and issues that cause us to butt heads: politics, self-expression, and even the most universal experience of all, love.

Most of the time, we might opt to just keep the peace. (Or attempt to understand them in silence.) It’s easier, after all, keep to yourself and disengage, rather than constantly get caught up in heated arguments or be deemed #canceled. But there are also instances where we need to have these important conversations. 

If you need a little inspiration or nudge on how to start these necessary discussions, perhaps you can take a cue from “Silver Lining.”

This new original Filipino musical is written by Palanca Award-winning playwright Joshua Lim So, with music and lyrics by producer Jack Teotico and the Rockitwell band. “Silver Lining” will be directed by PETA’s Maribel Legarda, and will also feature additional songs and arrangements from musical director Vince Lim.

Raul Montesa, Ricky Davao and Joel Nuñez play Raul, Leo, and Anton. Three long-time friends who put together a musical performance inspired by their days in the ’70s.
Jay Cortez, Albert Silos and Noel Comia Jr play the young versions of Raul, Leo, and Anton
silver lining cast
Shaun Ocrisma and Maronne Cruz play Mart and Dalai, two of the three millennials in the story. Here, they grapple with current sociopolitical circumstances—particularly, the 2022 elections. Photo by Pauline Miranda

“Silver Lining,” as the title suggests, is a story about finding hope. It starts with a fairly simple premise that seems like a true-to-life adaptation of real events: A group of friends came together as a band to perform for their school’s homecoming, and after having rehearsed their songs for a long time, they are told by organizers that they cannot accommodate a long set. Thus the band decides to compress the set into a musical instead—with the help of their children and wives. But as they make the musical, they consequently have to confront memories of their lives in the ‘70s—student life, activism, and all, juxtaposed with how they live today. This also runs parallel to the current social and political issues that millennials (aka their children) are grappling with in the present.

“‘Yon ‘yong gusto kong achieve dito, ‘yong even if we see what happened in the past, or we confront (it), we find a way to heal,” Legarda says.

silver lining cast
Nenel Arcayan as present-day Josie, and Krystal Brimner as Julia in Act 1’s final number, “Losing Our Way.” The scene, where memories of the past overlap with the present, depicts the declaration of Martial Law. Photo by Pauline Miranda
silver lining cast
The cast of “Silver Lining.” Photo by Pauline Miranda

The musical is meant to be a conversation between generations, and the creative team has shared how the musical will flow between the ‘70s and the present. The musical also juxtaposes the points of view of different generations—millennials and the boomers. 

Legarda adds, “As they (the main characters) are rehearsing the musical, they’re using the processes of theater to interrogate, discuss the story. Hindi naman nila lubos akalain… all they wanted to do was show the music they composed in a show, but they didn’t realize that the process of creating a musical brings you to places of possibility and conversation.”

“Silver Lining” runs every weekend from Oct. 20 to Oct. 29 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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