DIY craft of the month: Coconut shell hanging planter

There are more uses to the ever-trusty coconut

Dec 3, 2016 |


2-3 coconut half-shells, husk removed Abaca twine


Sand paper

Protective glasses


Small plants



  1. Using a pencil, mark on the coconut shells where to place drill holes for the twine. Using the same procedure, mark where the decorative holes will be drilled as well.
  2. Using different-sized drill bits, drill holes where the coconut is marked in pencil. Make sure to use protective glasses.
  3. Once finished, sand the entire shell using sand paper to smoothen surface.
  4. Wash to remove excess dust and leave to dry.
  5. Once dry, coat with varnish. Leave to dry.
  6. When the varnish is dry, string the twine through the drill holes. Set one shell above the other so it hangs.
  7. Place plants in shells and hang the planter.


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