Dec 30, 2017

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, but the holidays are not followed by the words “rush” and “madness” for nothing. Aside from the ensuing traffic around the metro, the season also means a slew of parties and dinners to host and attend, and it’s a given that a beauty woe or two is bound to come up with all that activity. Here are some beauty hacks and quick fixes to cover you this season.

Kiss and makeup

It’s Filipino culture to kiss someone’s cheek as a sign of hello. First concern: you don’t want to leave a mark. Second: you want your lipstick to last all night long. The trick: Use a matte shade instead of a glossy one. It’ll stay on your lips longer and is less likely to transfer onto someone else’s skin–unless you kiss them hard. Another tip is to make sure to proffer your cheek when making beso.

No stains allowed

A lot of eating and drinking can stain your teeth with your lip color. To avoid this from happening, try putting your index finger inside your teeth, then pulling it out slowly through your puckered lips; any excess lipstick should get transferred to your finger. Make sure to wash your hands before and after doing this.

Keeping the updo

You don’t spend hours recreating a celebrity updo only for it to fall apart after an hour. Give your hairstyle extra staying power by asking the hairdresser to coat the pins they’re going to use with a hairspray. Just lay them out on a paper towel and spray them with the product. Let them dry first before using them to pin up your hair.

Static-free statistic

Constant blow drying can get a lot of static in your hair; remedy this by spritzing a little hairspray on your brush. The key is to brush gently on parts of the hair that has static so the style would still look natural, and your hair will look tame in no time.

Up all night

The holiday rush results to tired eyes and matching dark circles. Your next-day solution? Highlighter. Like a knight in shining armor, it’s way better than a concealer because it doesn’t look too white against the skin and even gives you a more awake look. For a long-term remedy, use an eye cream to soothe the thin skin around the eyes; your skin will thank you once you reach your 40s.

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