Aug 2, 2017

I’m pretty sure Jane Austen fans all over can relate when I say we’ve all wanted our own Mr. Darcy at one point—especially if we’re talking about Darcy played by Colin Firth in BBC’s 1995 TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

nolisoliph pride and prejudice screenshot bbc2
Photo courtesy of BBC Pictures via Daily Mail

But since that’s never happening, we can all settle for the family home of Elizabeth Bennet instead. Apparently the property, Luckington Court, which appeared onscreen as the miniseries’ Longbourn estate, is now for sale.

According to House and Garden UK, the recently renovated manor house, located in the Cotswolds in England, is on the market for the first time in 70 years. And the lucky buyer only has to shell out a whopping £9 million (approximately $11.6 million) to gain ownership of the property’s 156 acres.

The seven-bedroom manor comes with “beautifully maintained gardens [and] paddocks.” It also features a “pasture and woodland with frontage to the River Avon,” according to Country Life magazine.

nolisoliph pride and prejudice screenshot bbc
Screenshot taken from BBC Worldwide’s Youtube account

Sure, the price is steep, but the place is, after all, where Firth, as Darcy, professed his undying love for Elizabeth Bennet (played by Jennifer Ehle). Keep in mind this is probably the closest we’ll get to Mr. Darcy or living like a Jane Austen character, for that matter.


Photo courtesy of House and Garden UK

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