Aug 8, 2017

Lean in close salted egg aficionados, we’ve got some great news for you.

Cult sensation Irvins Salted Egg, the brand behind the irresistible Salted Egg Chips and Salted Egg Fish Skin is flying over to the Philippines, and we followed their journey to let you know exactly where they’d land.

Their journey began with a hushed announcement from the little black chick.

Then, the little fella encountered some trouble with the landing. Thank God for parachutes.

There was a bit of a detour.

Finally, Irvins Salted Egg reached its new permanent destination.

No longer will you have to book a flight to Singapore to get a pack of these delicious chips and crispy fish skin. Starting August 11, Irvins Salted Egg can be found at Megamall’s Fashion Wing, just left of the main glass doors. Hurry because stocks will be limited.

Photos courtesy of Irvins Salted Egg on Facebook

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