Sep 7, 2017

Alton Brown, known as the mad scientist-cum-foodie behind the ever-popular Good Eats native to the Food Network is getting a reboot and expected to make a comeback. In a tweet by the television personality, he revealed the return of the beloved show, shot in his hometown Atlanta, in this teaser video.


Good Eats had over 250 episodes filmed from 1999 to 2012 where the show took a hiatus that year. Brown confirmed the news at this year’s Dragon Con, much to the delight of his fans.


Aptly named as the Return of the Eats, Brown’s comeback is set to air next year. Meanwhile, we can get our Alton Brown fix in the fall episodes of Iron Chef Showdown where he returns to host the beloved cooking challenge show alongside Mark Dacascos from the original Iron Chef America as the chairman and ESPN veteran Jaymee Sire as the reporter.

Featured photo courtesy of Alton Brown’s Twitter account

Latest image photo courtesy of The Peabody Awards’ website

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