Sep 7, 2017

There’s a newcomer in the chocolate family and this one’s all dolled up in millennial pink.

The new chocolate flavor was developed by scientists from Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. It’s made from the Ruby cocoa bean, has an intense berry-like taste, and features a naturally reddish-pink or “millennial pink” hue.

While this color is all the rage for generation Y’s throwback looks, I must say that it makes the new addition to the chocolate family look more like a piece of meat than a tasty chocolate treat.

Take a look for yourself.

The newly developed Ruby chocolate flavor
Sliced ham

Not convinced? To make sure it wasn’t just me, I asked around to get other people’s opinions. Here are the other look-a-likes of the new chocolate flavor.



Will it be savory or a berry-like sweetness? If I placed one plate each of the new ruby chocolate and uncooked spam in front of you, I bet you won’t know what flavor you’ll get in each bite.

Nueske’s Liver Pate

Okay, maybe it doesn’t look that much like the new chocolate in this photo. With the right lighting though, you would think both products came from one supplier/brand.

Lush Rockstar hand soap

Are you going to be biting into world-class chocolate, or some inedible expensive soap? You’ll never know.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use chocolate to erase writings on paper? Place a bar of Ruby chocolate and this pink rubber eraser side by side while writing a paper, and you’ll find out.

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