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Chocolate-filled waffle tips exist. And yes, these are tears in our eyes

Chocolate-filled waffle tips exist. And yes, these are tears in our eyes

  • Savoring the chocolate-filled final bite of your ice cream cone was a formative childhood experience for many of us. Now, we can buy just the tip

Undisputedly, the best part of a grocery-bought waffle ice cream cone is the tip. It doesn’t matter which brand or flavor it is, almost all of us are just in it for the top layer that peeks above the cone and paper packaging (which comes in second place) and the chocolate- or flavor-filled tip at the end. 

One of my many childhood habits was to trade my brothers the top of my favorite ice cream cone (the OG Nestlé vanilla Drumstick which is astoundingly if not impossibly difficult to find these days) for the crunchy, chocolate-filled tip of the cone. 

Thankfully, a local chocolate brand has fulfilled a childhood fantasy many of us share. 

Don Adam Mudroom Chocolates is selling waffle cone tips filled with 62 percent Belgian dark chocolate in packs. Each package of waffly tips (cute name, by the way) comes with a dozen chocolate-filled waffle cone tips and sells for P215. 

It tastes like the more sophisticated older sibling of one of the sweets parts of my childhood. While absolutely delicious, the mass-produced chocolate tips of our younger years weren’t of the best quality. Up to this today, they still taste like chocolate candy shell coating—which gives it a nice sheen and snap—but it doesn’t taste like actual chocolate. 

These waffly tips, on the other hand, taste expensive. The chocolate used in this childhood dream come true is dark chocolate, which gives a good contrast to the sweet waffle cone. It has a nice balance of rich and creamy inside to cone’s crunchy exterior. 

I could go on and on about it, but I will leave you with the message I sent to a friend after inhaling half the package in one go. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.